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Some things you just have to see to believe and the component car industry should be the poster child of Ronald Reagan’s mantra – “trust, but verify”.

When we open our doors for business, we also open them to our customers for personal tours and to have a chance to get a close-up view of our products and company. Let’s face it; the best way to judge a company and its products are first hand. We welcome you to come and visit and see everything for yourself. We understand, however, that some people simply cannot make it out to Wareham for a detailed visit – so we’re bringing the factory tour to you.

Grab a pair of safety glasses and come join us as we walk through the company and introduce you to each area from the showroom to the office and technical areas and lastly, all parts of the manufacturing process.

When customers come to Wareham to visit us, we usually start and end the tour in the showroom. Most of the cars in the showroom are actually built and owned by employees or customers, which allows us to give you a different perspective of each of the models we offer.

We’ve found that most customers want to spend as much time here as possible. When you come to visit, you’re welcome to hang out in the showroom as long as you would like – poring over every detail of the cars, discussing technical aspects of the builds with the guys who actually built the cars, as well as sitting in the cars and trying on a Factory Five for size.

The Office and Technical Areas

The Factory Five technical support department is in one large area. If you are building a car, these are the people who will help you with your order, with your build, and who will celebrate the first time you start your engine or go-kart your chassis.

Dan and Rick in tech support frequent the Factory Five Forum and help customers everyday with their builds.



We use a CNC laser cutter to accurately produce plate steel components for our chassis.


The laser cutter also produces all of the aluminum shear panels that rivet to the chassis during the build.

Our welders computer-designed fixed jigs and second stage rotisseries finish off each frame.

Master welders Kevin and Kevin QC frames completed and powder coated.

Chris F. was Factory Five’s third hire and has made almost every single Roadster chassis starting with chassis number 003. As of January 2012, he had built over 7,500.


Our composites molding area is as advanced as our welding area. We use an Eastman M9000 CNC cutting machine to pre-cut patterns for glass mat, cloth, carbon fiber, headliners, and carpeting. We also a five axis robotic milling machine to finish and trim the hand laid molded parts.

Molding is a combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology. Factory Fives molds and shapes are still made and finished by master shaper John C. (above) and final parts are CNC robotic trimmed on our RPT robotics milling machine (below).

Chassis Assembly

The Factory Five frames meet the aluminum panels and composite bodies in Chassis Assembly. Each aluminum panel is hand formed and installed by master technicians Fred and Josh.

A days production can include a few Roadsters, Coupes, GTMs, Hot Rods, 818s, and a Challenge Car every once in a while.

Operations Chief Nate Johnson rolls in completed control arm assemblies destined for Factory Five customers.

Warehouse/Packaging/Outgoing Shipping

Our warehouse is well organized and over 4,500 SKUs have bar codes and specialized locations.

Chris R. works in the warehouse organizing chassis and packaged kit assemblies.

The Factory Five transporter is parked out back when its not on the road delivering kits or manning shows and events

Research and Development Lab

We have some exciting new products coming out in the very near future, so we cannot show you what Jim and the R&D crew are working on in the back room, but every now and then, we give visitors a quick sneak peek inside.

Our partner companies SolidWorks, Hewlett-Packard, Ford Racing, GM Performance Parts, and others all contribute to Factory Five’s new product development efforts.


If you decide to come out to the factory and pick-up your kit personally, we’ll have a dedicated staff assist in the process. After all, we’ve done hundreds of deliveries over the years, so we know what we are doing.

These days, many companies flock to outsource their production processes, but we ‘re proud to be manufacturing right here in the United States. The bottom line is that we could easily find cheaper labor – what we’ll never find is a more dedicated and hardworking group of individuals who are intensely focused on delivering the highest quality products worldwide.