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Company - Responsible Manufacturing

Right Materials, Made Right, Made in the USA.

While our talented engineering staff uses advanced computer designs up front, our manufacturing team finishes the job by using the right materials, tools and training to build a better part. Not only does Factory Five lead the component car industry in engineering technology, but we set the bar just as high in responsible, quality manufacturing.  The end result of all this work is that this most American of cars is made by American craftsmen using the right tools and the right materials, the right way.

Every Factory Five chassis and all of Factory Five’s operations are powered by our 181 kW solar energy array.

Our certified welders use CAD/CAM-based welding jigs that are built with laser-cut tooling steel and hold parts to a high degree of accuracy.

Our Mitsubishi CNC laser cutting machine provides precision cut aluminum and steel parts for our welding and chassis assembly departments.

Our Fanuc/RPT Technologies 5-axis CNC mill trims our composite parts with a high degree of accuracy.

Factory Five has earned the “Good Manufacturing Practices” Award from the Association of Handbuilt Automobiles three times!