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Galleries - MK4 Roadster


Mk4 Roadster in Snow

Factory Five Mk4 Roadster after EPIC New England Blizzard of 2015. …


All-Women Team Built Mk4 Roadster

Five industry-pro women built this 535 HP Ford small block-powered Mk4 Roadster on the show "Detroit…


289 USRRC Roadster Studio Shots

Factory Five's newest model, the 289 USRRC Roadster Replica photographed by Dino Petrocelli. Click…


289 Roadster Beauty Shots

Here's a collection of shots of the 289 Roadster taken outside and in our showroom. …


SEMA 2013 Mk4 Roadster – Black Background

The SEMA 2013 Mk4 was photographed by Dino Petrocelli. …


SEMA 2013 Mk4 Roadster – White Background

This Mk4 Roadster was built to display at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. …


427-Powered Mk4 Roadster Built by SKJ Customs

This SKJ Customs built Mk4 Roadster was photographed by Steve Temple. …


LS3-Powered Mk4 Roadster Built by SKJ Customs

This Mk4 Roadster features an LS3-engine and was built for customer Ron S. …


Factory Five-Summit Racing Mk4 Outside Shots

Here's some shots of the Factory Five-Summit Racing Mk4 Roadster out on the road. …


Factory Five-Summit Racing Mk4 Roadster

This Mk4 Roadster was built by the guys at SKJ Customs for the President of Summit…


FFR Customer John Millette’s Mk4 Roadster

Brand-new Mk4 street car built by Ron Everitt for FFR customer John M. …


Brian Smith’s Mk4 Roadster

Brian Smith built this Factory Five Mk4 with his dad. …


Mk4 Roadster Chassis

This is a gallery of the new Mk4 frame as if it had just came out…


Photos of Factory Five Mk4 Roadster in Nevada Desert

Steve Temple shot photos of the Factory Five Mk4 Roadster, which was also on display at…


Black Backdrop

Here is a gallery of our Mk4 Roadster against a black backdrop that really helps show…