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’33 Hot Rod - Concept

The Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod package is unlike any build-it-yourself hot rod on the market, in that it comes with everything you need except for the running gear. Rather than putting together a chassis, a body, suspension parts, interior, etc. from various manufacturers, our parts are designed and manufactured in one place and are delivered in one big box of brand new parts.

You can build your Hot Rod in two ways. You can buy our complete package for $19,990 or you can build the car in two stages. The Stage 1 package costs $9,990 and gives you everything you need to build the car to a driving chassis. The Stage 2 also costs $9,990 and gives you the body, interior, trim, etc. to finish your car.

Hot Rod Evolution by Jim Schenck

The most important thing to understand is that from the very beginning of this project, I didn’t want to compromise what we, Factory Five, do with cars in building this Hot Rod. What I mean is that when you design a car like this, it LOOKS fast… but it’s a big disappointment if it’s not. I really wanted to build a sports car that’s about performance and driving fun as much as it is about looks. Truthfully that’s where the original Hot Rods started out. Guys who wanted to make their cars faster than the other guys. In that sense I think what we have done with this design is faithful to the original cars and Hot Rodding culture.

Apart from the driving focus, we gave a lot of consideration to customization. Just because we give you all of the parts, this shouldn’t mean that everyone has to build their car the same way. Not only should a Hot Rod be fast but it should be a platform from which guys can build their cars in a variety of ways to make their own expression, and even change it once it has been built. The removable hard top/slide-in-windshield, removable side engine covers, and removable fenders, among other things, were designed with customization in mind.

I’m proud of this car. As the design chief, I feel that the car benefits from our company talents in engineering and performance, while at the same time it continues the legacy of American Hot Rods in a new and exciting way.

Jim Schenck
Director of R&D