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Mk4 Challenge Model - What You Need

This list assumes you are building a car according to the configuration set forth in the NASA-FFR Challenge Series rules. If you are not planning on racing in the series, you are free to use a much wider assortment of options and running gear.

Major Parts

• Engine with EFI controls, harness, and transmission.
• 8.8” rear end and driveshaft to complement standard FFR 3-link suspension.
• Front and rear brake assemblies, w/spindles, hubs, brake rotors/calipers, master cylinder, emergency brake handle and pedal box.
• Radiator
• SCCA or NASA approved fuel cell
• Mustang aluminum wheels (or aftermarket/vintage wheels are going to be used).
• Tires that fit rules of the class you’ll be running
• Fuel system (if required)
• Fuel pump
• Paint


• Tow hooks
• Rear brakes
• Radiator
• Pedal assembly
• Wheels (17×9 F/R to be Challenge Series legal)
• Street completion package
• Wilwood Brakes
• Mosier rear axle
• Full length headers
• Stainless side exhaust

Note: Not all options are Challenge Series legal. Consult NASA official rules.