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MK4 Roadster - Two Ways to Build Your Mk4

Base Kit or Complete Kit. There are two ways to build your Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. You can use parts from a Mustang donor car (Base Kit) or you can get all-new parts from us (Complete Kit).

Either way you choose to build your Factory Five
Roadster, we have engineered the kit to make the
process of building your own car as simple and
straightforward as possible.

Hot-Rod-New-2012-logo“An entire day spent driving several radically different versions of FFR cars, from factory demos to pure home-builts, solidified the opinion that these are real cars, not toys. If you’ve thought about building an FFR yourself, don’t be afraid… the end product is a brutal little road rocket that’s enormous fun to drive.”

Rob Kinnan
Editor, Hot Rod Magazine