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818S, 818R, & 818C - Concept

The Theory of the 818 by Jim Schenck, Director of R&D

Most of us grew up with V8-powered American muscle cars, and our company is famous for our Hot Rods and Roadsters. But there is a whole new generation of younger car builders, and a global community of people who want to build a Factory Five, and the 818 was built for them. The newest Factory Five was designed to bring the Factory Five build experience to a new generation and to make it easy to build a Factory Five in countries around the world.

Factory Five Director of R&D Jim Schenck (right) with one of the Rhode Island School of Design students who assisted in the 818 body development work.

The Factory Five 818 is an affordable two-seater, mid-engined car that is a modern original design rather than a vintage replica. The 818 has running gear that can be found anywhere on the planet and can be built in both right-hand and left-hand drive configurations.

Factory Five is famous for our strong and light chassis, and the 818 continues this tradition. Owing to the fact that this is a “world” car, (which means we are designing it to be built in countries all around the world), the running gear had to come from a vehicle that is available in most countries on the planet. This is one reason why the Subaru running gear makes sense. The Subaru engine is a longitudinal mid-mounted flat four with a transaxle attached. It gives fantastic balance, low center of gravity, and most importantly, a very low total vehicle weight. Subaru is known for making big power reliably, the aftermarket is enormous, and the customer base is strong and passionate.

Every great car begins with a great chassis, and the 818 chassis (above) is the perfect foundation to build your sports car on!

The 818 is about handling and driving fun. The newest Factory Five has already become one of our most popular, and has attracted a whole new generation of car builders.