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8,000 People Can’t Be Wrong

The hallmark of Factory Five has been our loyal customers. No salesmen needed or wanted… Building your own car isn’t for everyone, but for guys like us, it’s everything. We firmly believe that if our product is right for you, you don’t need a salesman to convince you. If it’s not right for you, we don’t want you to buy it. Bottom line is building your own car is an exclusive club and it’s not for everyone. If you’ve decided this is the right type of insanity for you, then call us up or click on an order form and we can get started!

Factory Five’s experience leading the component car world for more than 15 years and having delivered over 9,000 component car kits, means that the car you build is well-designed and goes together like we say. A huge on-line community exists that supports thousands of owners and people in the process of building their own part of American motor sports history.