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818 Update and Subaru Event Tomorrow, May 12, 2012

Posted on May 11th, 2012

Hey guys,

Obviously apologies for my long absence. Business at Factory Five has been booming and progress on the 818 has been steady. I decided a while ago to pull our horns in and get serious work done on the 818 without undue public posts. The 818 has generated a tremendous amount of attention and my number one job has been to make sure that it is designed, engineered, and built on time and meets the lofty design goals that we set forth. I hope you understand.


Tomorrow, our neighbors AJW Performance will be hosting the New England Subaru Club and we will be supporting the event with car show parking and tours. Factory Five Director of R&D Jim Schenckwill be here to answer questions on the 818 and the driving go-kart sans body will be on display (unseen up to now).

To date, we have been driving and testing the chassis, suspension, brakes, and vehicle dynamics. The first production version composite body shape is in the manufacturing process and we are building production tools 100$ from CAD files.

The completed vehicle will be unveiled at the 2012 SEMA Show this November. Production will begin shortly thereafter in 2013. I hope to production at this time next year.

I may publish full dimensionally accurate CAD file photos of the final body shape that will serve as the first 818 version. It will be a roadster and it will have a convertible soft top at launch. The attached image is one of the final body designs substrate. More information to come and if you have a chance, please stop by tomorrow from 10 am to 1 pm and support our partners at AJW.

Dave Smith


  • Roger garland

    I live in Oregon and a hard top would be great!

  • Steve Brazil

    It’s looking good! Did you design it to use an existing production top like the one on the Solstice?

  • Mike Clayton

    I own a gtm and I would very much love to own a 818. Where do I send my check?

  • Mike Clayton

    I need to elaborate on that. I currently own GTM 186 and my girlfriend is now going though her midlife crisis. She tells me that she needs a 818 to make it though. So if I could send you a check maybe she would get off my back. I promise not to give her your phone number.

    • Hi Mike,

      We’re not taking deposits on the 818 at the moment, but glad to see you and your girlfriend are excited about it. We are planning to launch the car next year.

  • Great to hear your making good progress. I can put my 914 shopping on hold to see this come to light. Will it fit an STI driveline as well?

  • Dave-
    I’m sure this has been asked before but, is there going to be a hardtop or targa option?

  • Jason Williams

    Looking forward to the unveiling. Will the 818 have AWD capability like the “Subie” and will there be a pre-order opportunity in 2013?

    Great work guys!!!


    • No, with the positioning of the engine/transmission it won’t have AWD. I’d imagine it would be very complex to design and would cost a substantial amount. They’ve stated they will not take pre orders for the 818.

  • Ready to get a spec class started in NASA or run ST-2…let’s do this! Can’t wait…