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Customer Profile – Carl Johnson

Posted on June 15th, 2004

FFR 4857K, Danbury, CT

Carl Johnson and wife Sue and their new born FFR roadster.

Just to prove that it can be done right and done on a budget, let us introduce you to Carl Johnson. He and his wife, Sue, decided to build a Factory Five Roadster, but knew that it had to be done for less than $25,000 for everything.

While Carl didn’t set any records for the least expensive build (FFR customers have built cars in the $16-18K range using donor car builds), he did a nice job that we would like to show you.

Check out the detail work on this one – we’re all proud of the fact that a car as beautiful as this was built for less than $24,000 ($23,982.26 to be exact)

Carl’s nephew James says, “There is no such things as too much horsepower!”


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