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Hot Rod Magazine Builds a Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod in Five Days

Posted on November 28th, 2009

November issue kicks off three-part build up article

“Factory Five’s latest looks like a ’33 Ford but handles like an Indy Car.”
Rob Kinnan
Hot Rod Magazine Editor

When I was in third grade, I bought a copy of Hot Rod magazine with my brother Mark. We went home and wrote letters to all the companies who advertised in the magazine asking for stickers and free stuff. Today, every once in a while, I get a letter from some kid looking for stickers and I only smile and send out a fun package.

Now it’s my turn to smile as our new ’33 Hot Rod is prominently featured on the front cover of that storied magazine. We’ve been running Factory Five for 15 years and its not bragging to say that we have changed the kit car industry tremendously. We’ve set a world record at Bonneville on the salt, we’ve been featured in many many magazines, we’ve won races and car shows, but never have we earned a cover shot in Hot Rod Magazine!

The car deserves the recognition, no doubt, and all indications are that the new ’33 will make a big splash in the Hot Rod industry like our Roadster did so many years ago in the kit car/replica industry.

Grab the November issue of Hot Rod Magazine to read all about the sequential build-up and ultimate performance testing of our ’33. This first issue introduces the concept of the car and covers bodywork. The second issue will cover the five day build and the last installment will detail the performance and street manners of the completed car.

Dave Smith


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