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Profile: Joe Fournier

Posted on February 12th, 2006

One of the cool things about our company is that when you call us with a technical question you talk to guys who build cars and have walked a mile in your shoes.

Joe Fournier is a Factory Five story the way we like to hear them. Joe started out in the Chassis Assembly area building chassis kits, mounting bodies and forming aluminum. It wasn’t long before Joe’s 5.0 roots and great Mustang knowledge was recognized. When most guys carry around pictures of their wife and kids, Joe traveled with his album of hot rod and muscle car restoration projects. We’re pleased to report that these days his album includes his young children and beautiful wife.

We’re also pleased to report that Joe’s list of projects now includes a striking blue vintage styled roadster. Two years ago, along with his promotion into the tech support area, Joe was given an FFR kit as a bonus. He began building his car in his spare time between tech calls and Saturday customer visits.

’68 Mustang Acapulco Blue
’66 410 Mercury FE (390 block with a 428 crank)
Tremec 3550 transmission
15″ Trigo pin drive wheels
2001 GT 11″ brakes in the front and 97 T-Bird brakes in the rear
Powder coated the brakes
Pin drive suspension in both the front and rear along with 600 lb. springs
Modified the rear fender flanges
Installed dash support tubes
Hydraulic clutch
Mark II frame with a Mark III body

We wanted to showcase Joe’s efforts and let everyone know that when they call FFR Tech Support, the people you talk to have already built what you are building… and they’re good guys who like talking cars.

Joe is understandably proud of his handiwork. He won at the 2006 World of Wheels Show in Boston when the paint was barely dry. The car will be at the 2006 Moochfest as well.

Thanks for the good work Joe!


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