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Read an Interview with Dick Smith from 1982

Posted on August 15th, 2012

I just returned from two weeks of vacation and while I was away “sharpening the ax”, I had some time to think of all the great people who have had a positive effect on Factory Five.

Above: Factory Five Nationals 2002, Sonoma, CA – Infineon Raceway.  Heather Smith, Dick Smith, and Factory Five President Dave Smith.

One of those people is Dick Smith, who  was a personal hero of mine and a good friend of the company.

I found this old article in Super Fords magazine with a cool interview from the man who owned and drove the “Worlds Fastest Cobra”, the car that is the inspiration behind the FFR Mk4 Roadster.  It’s from 1982 and Super Fords Magazine is out of print so I figure its OK to just post it here.


Here’s a reprint of an interview with Dick Smith dating back over 25 years. It’s a great read, and gave us some fresh insights into our friend and hero, Dick Smith.

Two racing legends – Dick Smith and Bob Bondurant.

Godspeed Dick, we all miss you and thanks for all the help!


  • Thanks for that article. Dick was one of the greats.

  • Steve Wistner

    Great article. I love the story on the tires! How fun it must have been to watch the inspectors trying so hard to “prove” the tires were illegal!

    Thanks for sharing this great story on an awesome guy.