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The Keast Family Begin Their Mk4 Adventure

Posted on July 24th, 2012

Earlier this month, James Keast came by Factory Five to pick-up his Mk4 Roadster complete kit with his father Dave and two of his kids, Justin and Allie. Like so many, it was a day James has been dreaming about for a long time and after some careful planning, he was finally able to make it a reality.

Factory Five President Dave Smith with James, his father Dave, and two of his kids, Justin and Allie.

“We had a great conversation about the “adventure” my kids and I are embarking on,” wrote James. “After all these years and thousands of deliveries, Dave [Smith] was genuinely excited for us and perhaps a bit saddened that he was not going to be scraping knuckles with us!”

A collection of neighborhood kids helping remove the body

Future driver Allie is starting to get a feel for the Roadster.

Congratulations to the Keast Family and we’re looking forward to progress updates during your build!


  • Matt Arceneaux

    James and Family…good luck! I can not wait to begin mine someday as it is my dream as well! I visit the Factory Five site weekly and wait for the day I have a picture somewhere on here!

    • Thank you Matt. I am still grinning from ear to ear and already have the suspension, brakes and steering in!

  • James……you’re a nut. Just keep the mini van. They’re so much easier and more affordable. :)

  • My good friend Tony at our age we need to look beyond the practical! If you were not 3000 miles away you could be a nut with me!