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The Tortuga Racing Type 65 Coupe

Posted on October 13th, 2005

The guys from High Tech Fabrications built this black Coupe which is owned by Peter and Ferd Grauer of Tortuga Racing. It is powered by an all aluminum 350 stroker/383 GM Bowtie block, ported heads, dry sump oiling, a Tremec TKO transmission plus an aluminum flywheel and a Tilton 5” triple disc clutch.

They put 16” Team III wheels on it with Willwood 4 piston calipers in the front and Cobra brakes in the rear. They also used the Willwood master cylinders with a balance bar. This Coupe has a full tubular front suspension and IRS in the rear.

The Coupe has a lot of goodies in it. First, it uses a Chevrolet engine that they lowered from the stock position and did a lot of other custom modifications throughout it. The headers on the Coupe are by Tubular Automotive. They installed a floor mounted clutch and brake assembly. The Coupe also has swing out door bars, a Fluidyne 2 Pass radiator, hydraulic clutch, air jacks, anti-intrusion plates in the foot boxes and aluminum skid plates. High Tech also put the Timewise rally computer in the Coupe.

And just for the record, these guys do not have the luxury of a retaining wall.

This Coupe has plenty of power as the guys at High Tech are estimating that it can put out 500 horsepower. So far, the guys have won the Running La Carrera Pan America Road Race in their 57 Chevy and are planning to take it on the 3,000 mile Guatemala to Nuevo Laredo run on October 20th. The car has won Best in Show at the Fort Getty car show held during Labor Day weekend.

We were also told a few of their adventures while attending events. One story told was a few of the guys were in a van traveling to an event when they see a wheel along the side of the road that looked awfully familiar. At the time they didn’t think too much of it but when they got a little bit further down the road, sure enough there is their car, a 57 Chevy, with only three wheels.


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