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West Philly High School Students Build GTM

Posted on February 6th, 2010

Car Entered in Progressive Automotive X Prize

High school students from West Philadelphia High School are making moves and doing some inspiring work inside the walls of their Automotive Department. They are building a fuel efficient GTM Supercar for the Progressive Automotive X Prize Competition. Competing against 43 other teams and as the only group of high school students, the West Philly X Hybrid Team is succeeding tremendously. The competition challenges teams from around the world to design, build, and market super-efficient cars that people will want to buy. Together, with the help of their instructors, they built a Factory Five Racing GTM powered by a VW 1.9L Direct Injected Turbodiesel engine.


These students are well on their way to the $10 million prize and have beat out some esteemed competition, including the well renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) whose team did not make it to the next stage of the competition. The West Philly X Hybrid Team’s fuel efficient GTM was completed and recognized by the judges as a qualifier and has moved onto the next level of tests. The young adults and their instructors wait with anticipation to see how far their GTM will make it in the competition, but in the meantime, they have been bringing their car to shows, and attracted tons of attention. The winner is announced in August 2010 and we wish the team the best of luck and are highly impressed with what they have already accomplished!
















For more information and to follow the team’s progress, check out their website.


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