289 USRRC Roadster Overview

289-overview-2Period Correct. Period.  The Factory Five Mk4 289 USRRC Roadster is based on the best-selling Mk4. The differences between the Mk4 427 replica and the 289 replica are subtle, but those changes add up to make the 289 a very unique car.

The Factory Five 289 USRRC Roadster is a gentleman’s racer. It is smaller, more precise, and is the saber to the Mk4’s broadsword. For sure, the car appeals to a smaller group than the best-selling Mk4, but it has a passionate following.

We’ve had reasons to build this car for a long time, but with the 50th anniversary (1964-2014) of the original 289-powered FIA/USRRC racer, we finally decided to commit the resources to design and launch a truly period-correct version of this famous car.

There were significant variations of original 289 body shapes. The car we picked to replicate is one of the most famous vintage racers of all time, CSX 2260 #14 piloted by Dave MacDonald, Jo Schlesser, Phil Hill, Innes Ireland, and Masten Gregory. This car has the nicest fender flares, stance, and is one of the best looking of the 289 racers.

We unveiled the Factory Five 289 USRRC model at the 2014 Factory Five Open House event and began production the same year, exactly 50 years after the very first one was made!

We’ve built more vintage roadster replicas than any one else in the world, and now the 289 USRRC replica joins its big brother in the Factory Five line-up.