Underneath our hand-laid fiberglass composite body are almost 40 individual aluminum panels attached to the Factory Five Mk4 spaceframe.

Mk4 Aluminum Panels

The aluminum chassis panels found in our Mk4 combines this traditional quality with the latest CAD/CAM technologies and superior construction methods. The entire cockpit, trunk and engine bay of the Factory Five Mk4 is precision laser-cut 6061-T6 aluminum, without any fiberglass structural items. Underneath these aluminum panels, a matrix of steel tubing provides support surfaces for a close, tight-fitting installation.

Why 6061-T6 aluminum? Conventional 4000-series aluminum is easier to bend and form, but not as strong in tension. We invested in learning how to correctly form the 6061-T6 to get the benefit of increased strength for the same weight.

The strong foundation of our world-class frame combined with our aluminum chassis panels bonded and riveted to it represents just one of the major design and functional differences between the Mk4 and almost every other replica sold today.