Period-Correct Wicked Fast '35 Truck!

The all-new Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck delivers renowned Factory Five handling and performance, but in a cool, period-correct cruiser. Cool features like a bench seat, functional 5' truck bed, traditional doors and cab. Vintage style on the outside, and with a curb weight of 2,380 lbs., it is wicked fast!

Pat and Mike from PowerNation TV's "Engine Power" spent four days building the very first Factory Five Pick-Up Truck. At the end of the week, Mike said, “Man, I love this truck! You guys are going to sell a ton of them. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”

Check out the new '35 Hot Rod Truck at SEMA 2017!

All-New '35 Hot Rod Truck

The All-New '35 Hot Rod Truck!

Introducing the all-new Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck.

The Factory Five ‘35 Hot Rod Pick-Up Truck is all-new for 2018. This exciting new design combines our high-performance chassis and suspension with traditional looks to deliver modern comfort with vintage style. Complete “build-it-yourself” package starts at $19,990.

Production is slated to begin first quarter of 2018. You may place a $99 deposit to reserve a production date.

Kit Packages

Everything but the Running Gear

Build Your '35 Hot Rod Truck!

The Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck continues the Factory Five tradition of providing everything you need to build your car except for the running gear. There isn't a better way to build a vintage pick-up. Rather than putting together a chassis, a body, suspension parts, interior, etc., from various manufacturers, our parts are engineered and manufactured in one place, and are delivered in one big box of brand new parts. Here's what you get and here's what you need.


And Now For Something Completely Different

by Dave Smith

The way we develop new products at Factory Five is unique. We have a small but talented design and engineering team. Jim Schenck does the core design work, and Jesper Ingerslev adds the engineering muscle. My job is to describe the design goals. In this case, the '35 Hot Rod Truck is a real departure for us in many ways, but it keeps the core performance capability. We've looked at designs that can carry more than two people. While this isn't a four passenger, the bench seat means you and your girl can bring the dog or a kid. Even though this truck will be capable of serious performance, we built a cruiser and a period-correct pick-up that is pure street rodder fun. I hope you like what we've done, and I'm proud to add the '35 to our line-up of "build-it-yourself" vehicles



The Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck is built on a modified version of the award-winning Factory Five '33 Hot Rod. Featured on the cover of Hot Rod Magazine, 2009 & 2013