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All-New Factory Five Speedstar Hot Rod!

Ridler Award-winning design joins Factory Five line-up... the Speedstar!

The Ridler Award-winning Speedstar body now drives as good as it looks with the proven Factory Five performance Hot Rod chassis underneath! We bought Rat’s Glass Bodies last year, and this all-new shape is the first result of that acquisition.

Where Performance Meets Style

2nd Gen '33 Hot Rod Chassis with Speedstar Body!

We launched our ’33 Hot Rod at the SEMA Show 10 years ago! These days, you can build our award-winning '33 as a coupe, as a roadster, with fenders or without. The same performance chassis is found under our '35 Hot Rod Truck, and now under this beautiful Speedstar body!

The Speedstar is the newest way to build a true Factory Five custom that delivers style AND performance!


Low and wide: The Factory Five Speedstar has less headroom, but more a more aggressive look than the Factory Five '33 coupe.


Custom '33 interior included.


Bucket seats or bench seats are available.


Speedstar SEMA 2019 Debut