'33 Frame & Chassis

Hot Rod Evolution by Jim Schenck

The most important thing to understand is that from the very beginning of this project, I didn’t want to compromise what we, Factory Five, do with cars in building this hot rod. What I mean is that when you design a car like this, it looks fast… but it’s a big disappointment if it’s not. I really wanted to build a sports car that’s about performance and driving fun as much as it is about looks. Truthfully, that’s where the original Hot Rods started out — guys who wanted to make their cars faster than the other guys. In that sense, I think what we have done with this design is faithful to the original cars and hot rodding culture.

Apart from the driving focus, we gave a lot of consideration to customization. Not only should a hot rod be fast but it should be a platform from which guys can build their cars in a variety of ways to make their own expression, and even change it once it has been built. The removable hard top/slide-in-windshield, removable side engine covers, and removable fenders, among other things, were designed with customization in mind.

I’m proud of this car. As the design chief, I feel that the car benefits from our company’s talents in engineering and performance, while at the same time continues the legacy of American hot rods in a new and exciting way.

Jim Schenck
Director of R&D

When you see Factory Five cars winning national races or lifting the tires clear off the ground, check out the “straight-as-an-arrow” frame quietly doing its job.  There is no finer replica frame. Period.

'33 Hot Rod Frame

A ‘33 Chassis Like No Other.

Under our classic ‘33 body is a frame like no other. Once we accepted that we could not make an original style frame strong enough to meet the demands of a performance sports car, we made the decision to design an all-new, completely modern, extremely rigid, and yet aesthetically pleasing, tubular steel space-frame.

The ultra-rigid frame is made of mig-welded, high strength carbon steel tubing and plate steel. This unique design delivers great torsional rigidity, increased cockpit space, and numerous safety features.

HPCircleLogo300dpiOur welded parts are made in the USA with American labor.

PrintThe Factory Five Mk4 frame is computer designed on Solidworks™ software using Hewlett Packard workstations.


The 2nd Generation Hot Rod chassis (above) entered production in January 2019. The strong Factory Five ‘33 frame is complimented by a modern race proven suspension and massive brakes.  Roll bar is removable and also fits under the removable hard top. The chassis accomodates a wide variety of running gear.

'33 Hot Rod Running Gear

Bolt-in Your Engine, Transmission, and Rear End.

The Factory Five ‘33 Hot Rod is designed to use small block V-8 power, a wide range of of transmissions, and a Ford rear end. Included in the Hot Rod package are the engine mounts, driveshaft, side exit exhaust, mufflers, and straight tubes with fasteners required to match up to the factory or aftermarket shorty headers. All these parts make installing your running gear easy.


The ‘33 Hot Rod is set up to use either Ford or Chevy engines. Choose from small block Ford 289/302, 351, 4.6L engines and the new 5.0L Coyote or the Chevy small block and LS series of engines. We've also added an option to install a Hemi.


The transmissions that you can use include the T-5 (Ford or GM), T56 (Ford or GM), 700R4, 4L60, 4L65 (GM), TKO, 3550, or AOD. Others, with minor driveshaft modifications, have installed transmissions such as the TH350, C4, C6, 700R4 and the 4L60E. When you order your Hot Rod, you will select the correct spline driveshaft for your transmission.

Rear End: Solid Axle or IRS

The car is designed to use a bolt-in Ford 8.8” solid-axle rear-end. You may also install a Ford 9” rear end if it has the 8.8” Mustang suspension mounts added. Factory Five offers an optional independent rear suspension based on the center section and spindles of the 2015 Ford Mustang IRS.

'33 Hot Rod Suspension & Brakes


Making a Hot Rod Drive like a Supercar.

The goal of making a modern Hot Rod handle like a well-balanced sports car required more than a well-designed and rigid frame. On the shoulders of our revolutionary ‘33 frame, we placed a state-of-the-art suspension, precise steering, competent brakes, and engineered the vehicle to have a lower center of gravity and excellent front/rear weight distribution.

Our engineering team developed an all-new front suspension design and joined it with the proven rear suspensions from our Mk4 Roadsters. This new suspension configuration successfully delivers a combination of comfortable ride and superior performance. The tubular control arms are exposed outside of the body while the KONI™ brand cantilever shocks ride in-board and deliver excellent damping.

Front Suspension

The front suspension is an in-board coil-over design with elegant, yet strong, unequal length upper and lower tubular A-arms and high-end mono-tube adjustable coil-over rod-end KONI shocks. Our rugged front suspension delivers superior handling without the compromises of Mustang II style set-ups and it tells the world that this car does more than go in a straight line. The hot rod is delivered with the entire front suspension, spindles, steering rack, brakes, and fasteners.

Rear Suspension

There are three available rear suspensions. The proven Factory Five 4-link solid axle rear suspension is standard. The race-proven 3-link solid axle rear suspension is optional. The 3-link rear suspension was lifted directly from our Challenge Series Racers, cars that have proven themselves on the track for more than 15 years.­ The optional independent rear suspension delivers the smoothest ride combined with the highest performance envelope.­


A high quality manual rack and pinion manual steering rack is standard. Front brakes are standard 2000 Ford Mustang GT brakes with 11” rotors and aluminum two-piston PBR calipers. Rear brakes are optional since many people obtain rear ends with brake assemblies.

'33 Hot Rod Body

'33 Hot Rod Body & Exterior

Massive wheel wells, a steeply raked nose, and a lower and wider stance than any original ‘33 tells the world that this car is meant to be driven!

The Factory Five Racing ’33 Hot Rod kit comes with a hand-laid vinylester composite body. The hood, doors, trunk, and optional hard top have molded liners and come complete with hinges and pre-drilled mounting holes. The side engine covers and front lower nose are single lined panels. The dash is integral to the body and the kit is delivered with one of two available transmission tunnel covers. The rear cockpit bulk head and trim piece are also part of the kit.

Like our Roadsters, Coupes, and GTMs, lamination thickness of the body shell and panels is 3/16” all around with approx. .015” coat of sandable black gel coat outer finish. The body shell and panels contribute to a remarkably low vehicle weight of around 2120 lbs (Roadster)!

The Factory Five ’33 body is 3″ wider than the original, has enlarged rear wheel wells, and rides lower to the ground. The body is engineered to work well with the strong steel and aluminum chassis, and owing to the demands of the Hot Rod market, the bodies are manufactured to the highest standards of any Factory Five composite bodies.

Optional Hot Rod Deluxe Nose

In January 2019, we made significant upgrades to our ‘33 Hot Rod. From big changes to small, we made the car better looking, easier to build, increased interior space, and added more options. The new 2nd Gen Hot Rod is no longer exclusively a ’33 Ford replica. With the new optional ’32 Deluxe nose (also available on the Hot Rod Truck), you can build the car with even more custom options.

'33 Hot Rod Inerior & Trim

Complete Interior, Gauges, and Trim Standard.

The ‘33 Hot Rod comes with a complete interior. We include seats, full driver and passenger Simpson brand seat harnesses, carpeting, gauge package, steering wheel and steering column, ignition and switches, shifter and shift boot, interior door handles, upholstered door panels, and removable roll bar.

Side windows, power mechanisms, and outside door handles are available with the optional hard top.

The beauty of the ‘33 Hot Rod interior is based on its simplicity and functionality. The molded doors flow seamlessly into the trailing edge of the dash. The dash is integral to the body and comes with a complete array of vintage gauges. The rear cockpit bulk head and trim piece are also included.

'33 Hot Rod Specifications

'33 Hot Rod Specs

The Hot Rod weighs 2,150 lbs. and when powered by a modest 300 HP small block, it’ll make most modern sports cars feel slow and heavy.


Displacement: Ford 289/302/351/4.6L/5.0L Coyote/Chevy SB & LS, Hemi
Induction: Multi-Port Fuel Injection or Carbureted
Drivetrain/Suspension: Manual or Automatic Transmission
Front Suspension Type: Inboard Independent Double Arm
Rear Suspension Type: Solid Rear Axle 4-Link, 3-Link, or IRS
Shock-Springs: KONI Adjustable Coil Over
Steering: Rack and Pinion 3.25 Turns Lock-lock
Brakes: Vented 11 in. Disc Front

Construction Layout
  • Layout: Front Engine RWD
  • Roadster/Coupe
  • Frame: Tubular Space Frame
  • Roll Bar: Full Width Structurally Mounted 1.5” Tubing
  • Sub-Structure: Aluminum Paneling
  • Riveted/Bonded to Frame
  • Restraint System: 5-Point Simpson Harness
  • 0-60 MPH: < 4.0 Seconds Est.
  • 1/4 Mile: < 12.0 Seconds Est.
  • Top Speed: N/A
  • Braking: 110 Ft. from 60 MPH Est.
  • Weight: 2,250 Lbs. Est.
  • Weight Distribution F/R: 50.0/50.0 (Percent)
  • Wheelbase: 112 in.
  • Overall Length: 154 in.
  • Front Track: 54.5 in.
  • Rear Track: 60.0 in.
  • Overall Height: 52.5 in.
  • Overall Width: 72.0 in
  • Ground Clearance: 4.5 in.
  • Fuel Capacity: 13.5 Gallons