Factory Five Featured in Magazines and TV Shows

Factory Five has been featured in a number of magazine articles and TV shows. Below, you'll find links to those articles in digital form as well as links for you to watch the shows we have been on.

Roadster Artciels & Videos

MuscleCar TV: Original C-Car vs. Factory Five Mk4 RoadsterWatch as the crew at MuscleCar TV make some performance upgrades to a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster, then put it head-to-head against an original to see which one performs the best.

Automobile Magazine: Driving in the Raw: Factory Five Racing MK4 Roadster
Automobile Magazine Editor Arthur St. Antoine shares the story of his recent road trip in a Factory Five Mk4 Roadster from Seattle to Monterey.

Car & Drivers Tests Factory Five Roadster
Car & Driver tests the Factory Five Roadster alongside the Caterham Sever Superlight R, Honda S2000, Lotus Elisa, and Mazdaspeed Mx-5 Miata.

Hot Rod Magazine: Project Sidewinder Test
Hot Rod Magazine puts the Factory Five Mk3 they built to the test.

Car & Driver: Factory Five Racing Spec Racer
Larry Webster tests out a Factory Five Challenge Car and says it's "an enticing new way to go racing..."

ffr-mt-video-thumbnailEpic Drives: Mk4 Roadster Strikes Monterey!
In this episode of “Epic Drives,” follow Arthur St. Antoine and my Factory Five 5.0L Coyote-powered Mk4 Roadster along a fantasy route through some of the most beautiful country on the planet.

Two Guys Garage at the Factory Five Build School
Two Guys Garage host Willie B visits the Factory Five-Mott Community College Build School and helps the group assembly a Mk4 Roadster in 3 days.


Type 65 Coupe Artciels & Videos

Everyday Driver Tests a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe along PCH
Hagerty built a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe for their DriveShare program, and the crew from Everyday Driver test drove it along PCH a couple of years ago.

'33 Hot Rod Articles & TV Shows

Hot Rod Magazine Race Rod, Part 1 - November 2009
The Hot Rod crew get preped to start their Factory Five '33 Hot Rod build and send the body to paint.

Hot Rod Magazine Race Rod, Part 2 - December 2009
See how a group of Factory Five customers assist the guys at Hot Rod build their '33 in only five days!

Hot Rod Magazine Race Rod, Part 3 - December 2009
Now that the car is built, it's time to put it to the test.

Factory Five Kit Cars vs. a Lamborghini Gallardo! - HOT ROD Unlimited
On this episode of Hot Rods Unlimited, we go to Vegas put Factory Fives against a Lamborghini Gallardo. You can also read their full write-up on Factory Five cars going head-to-head with the Gallardo here.

Car Warriors: '33 Hot Rod Build-Off
Two Factory Five customer teams build '33 Hot Rods in just 48 hours.

Horsepower TV: The Ultimate '33 Hot Rod
Factory Five, Ford Racing, and the crew at Horsepower TV drop a 5-Liter Ford Coyote into a '33 Hot Rod.

MuscleCar TV: The Ultimate '33 Hot Rod Paint
Get a tour of Factory Five facility before seeing the guys at MuscleCar TV use new water-borne paint on the '33 fiberglass body.

Street Rodder: Factory Five '33 Hot Rods on SEMA Show Live 2011
Street Rodder's Jerry Dixey interviews Factory Five President Dave Smith at the 2011 SEMA Show on the latest '33 Hot Rods.

Hot Rod New Zealand Features Customer Factory Five '33 on Cover!
Factory Five customer Robin MacDonald's 750 HP Ford 358-powered '33 Hot Rod is profiled in the June 2012 issue of Hot Rod New Zealand.

Two Guys Garage: '33 Hot Rod One-Week Build
Watch at Kevin and Brad build a Factory Five '33 Hot Rod in a week with the FFR tech team.

Ford SEMA Factory Five '33 Hot Rod
Here's a quick overview of the Factory Five '33 from Director of R&D Jim Schenck.

'35 Hot Rod Truck Articles & TV Shows

Hot Rod Magazine's Drift Rod Build Series - Writer Mark Gearhart has worked on several Factory Five builds previously including his Ultimate Challenge Car project. Mark has started a new build series documenting a 1,000+ HP Hot Rod Truck. Check out all of his updates here.

Engine Power: Factory Five Hot Rod Truck 2017 SEMA Build
The crew at Factory Five Racing is building their first-ever pickup truck…and Mike and Pat have been invited to help out!

GTM Supercar Articles & TV Shows

Car & Driver: Factory Five Racing GTM LS7 Test
"It's the Quickest Car That Will Ever Be Built in Your Garage."

Vette Magazine: 2009 Factory Five GTM - Give Me Five
Learn how Factory Five  take a C5 Corvette and turns into a mid-engine supercar.

Horsepower TV: E-Rod Powered GTM
The team at HorsePower TV install an LS3 6.2L E-Rod crate engine complete with ECM and harness into a Factory Five GTM.

818 Sports Car Articles & TV Shows

automobile-818 Road & Track: Some Assembly Required
Road and Track's Jack Baruth takes the Factory Five 818 out for a test drive.

Automobile: Factory Five 818S - The best Subaru WRX-powered car you can build.
Ezra Dyer Tests out the 818S and says it's "The Best Subaru WRX-powered car you can build".

New York Times Names 818 Best Car That You Build Yourself
Ezra Dyer once again features the 818 in a "Best of" article for the New York Times.

The Boston Globe: Factory Five 818 is a Kit Car for the Future
Boston Globe Correspondent George Kennedy calls the 818 "a kit car for the future".

Factory Five 818 on Motoramic TV
Check out editor Ezra Dyer's test drive of the Factory Five 818 and interview with Director of R&D Jim Schenck.  They even put it up against a Dodge Viper on the drag strip.

SEMA 2013 - Factory Five Racing's 818 Race & Street models
Power Automedia's Jonathan Buckley talk with Factory Five President Dave Smith and Director of R&D Jim Schenck about how the 818 is hitting the market strong with both the street and track models.

Factory Five 818 and Development Partner Hewlett Packard
See how Factory Five's engineers use HP computers and SolidWorks software to help design the 818.

Factory Five debuts their brand new custom sports car, the 818 here at SEMA 2012
Power Automedia's Jessica Barton learns about the design and development of the Factory Five 818 during the 2012 SEMA Show.

Articles on the Company

kevin-weldingThe New Bedford Standard Times: “Wareham Business Takes Do-It-Yourself Car Building to the Next Level”
Take a quick tour of the factory and see how Factory Five component cars are put together.

Wareham Week: "DIY Auto Company Sends Exotic Cars Around the Globe"
Learn about how Factory Five's commitment to technology helps create and ship their kits all around the world.

Two Guys Garage Tours Factory Five
Two Guys Garage host Kevin Byrd takes a tour of Factory Five, then goes on a cruise to Plymouth with some FFR customers.