'33 Hot Rod FAQs & Support

The process of evaluating whether or not this project is right for you is an important one and there are several places you can go to get accurate, truthful, and current answers to your questions.

You can call us here at Factory Five at 508-291-3443 and speak to one of our guys in tech support. You can also log onto the internet and query thousands of Factory Five owners about their own builds and discover an entire community of helpful customers on The Factory Five Forum.


Here are a few questions we get every day here at Factory Five:

What engine does the car use?

The Hot Rod is ready to accept any of the small block Ford and Chevy engines. Ford engines include 289, 302, 351W, the 4.6L, and the new 5.0L Coyote. Chevy engines include small block Chevy and LS series engines.

What type of transmission does the Hot Rod use?

The frame is ready to accept any of the following transmissions: T5, TKO, Tremec 3550/3650, AOD, and T56.

How much does the kit cost?

The price is $19,990 for the kit.

Can I purchase a completed Hot Rod?

We only sell the chassis and body kit parts. However, we do know of a network of small hot rod and custom shops that will inevitably build completed race and street cars for customers. E-mail us for a list of such businesses at info@factoryfive.com.

Note: The companies referred to potential customers are separate and independent companies and Factory Five Racing does not warranty their parts nor workmanship.

How long does it take to build the car?

A good approximation minus body and paint work is 300 hours.

'33 Hot Rod Build Videos

The TV Show "Two Guys Garage" with hosts Bryan Fuller and Kevin Byrd built a Factory Five '33 Hot Rod in one week with the help of the Factory Five tech support crew. Check out this four-part video series covering their build.

The Factory Five Forum

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As part of a major effort to better connect with our customers, suppliers, and vendors, we launched the Factory Five online discussion forum.  Many Factory Five customers are helping with this effort.  The forum has updated blogs, photo galleries, and is a great place to connect with Factory Five vendors and suppliers.

There's a lot of great customer build threads where you can share ideas and tips to help with your build. The Picture of the Month contest is a great way to show off your build and you could win a Factory Five gift certificate!

Factory Five techs are very active on the forum as well to help with any questions and to share their expertise building these cars.

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