International Orders

Factory Fives are sold all around the world. Below is some information to help customers import a Factory Five into their country a lot easier.


If you live in Canada and are interested in building a Factory Five kit, you have come to the right place. Not only is Factory Five Racing the World’s leading replica manufacturer, we are also one of the few U.S. companies that fully complies with Canadian law and can be imported by Canadian citizens without any shady dealings.

We have been working with customers in Canada for more than 10 years, and our products are truly “starter car kits” (that is, car kits that serve as the foundation for a customer to build his own custom vehicle) rather than illegal “Kit Cars”, which are assembled vehicles that are imported without engines or major running gear parts to circumvent vehicle regulations.

Transport Canada, the Canadian agency that oversees and approves all chassis kit imports, determines the parts that define a kit car “starter kit”. Our Canadian starter kits comply with this definition and have been successfully imported for years.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us, or our Canadian representative. Thanks for your interest and best of luck.

Canadian Import Procedure

We have been shipping parts and chassis kits to Canada successfully for more than ten years. We are one of the few U.S. companies to have taken the time to understand and fully comply with Canadian regulations. Not only have we worked closely with Canadian regulatory officials, we also have a trusted and knowledgeable Canadian company that sells our parts to customers who would prefer to do business strictly within Canada.

While U.S. and Canadian laws are quite similar with respect to do-it-yourself “starter kits”, there are some differences. These differences mean that there are some parts that are allowed in the U.S., but are NOT allowed in Canada. Some of the parts in our Canadian kits have been removed to comply with Canadian law. Further, not all FFR options are available in Canada. The majority of these parts are connected to steering and braking systems. Please refer to the deleted parts list and order forms below for full details. It’s a good idea to review these links before ordering so you know exactly what comes with the kit and what you’ll need to complete your car.

Ordering Procedure
When you are ready to place an order for your Factory Five kit, simply click on the order form link below and get started! You can also call us at 508-291-3443 if you have any questions, or if you’d like to do this in person.

Our Technical Support team has helped hundreds of Canadian customers complete this process successfully. You can also contact our Canadian Representative and order directly from your fellow countryman.

All new orders require an initial deposit of $1,000 and all orders are prices are in US dollars.

Review and submit an on-line kit order form. We can also complete this order on the phone or in person.

Once submitted and entered your order will be forwarded an engineer or technical support person who will review your order, enter it into the production schedule and forward to you a copy of the order and receipt of deposit.

We normally require final payment a few weeks prior to production-completion dates. However, the documentation that is required by Canadian officials must include a zero balance invoice. So Canadian orders are best to be paid in full as soon as possible to be sure you get approval from Transport Canada prior to your FFR kit production-completion date.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will forward to you the following very important documents…

– The exact invoice for your chassis kit parts. The invoice will have a zero balance owed and record the parts and options ordered. Click here for a sample of this.
– An exact copy of the actual packlist of your chassis kit. The packlist will have your name and invoice number clearly recorded on each and every page.
– The NAFTA agreement form. Click here for a sample copy of this form.

When you receive these documents from us you must forward these documents, via fax to Canadian officials at Transport Canada. Transport Canada is familiar with FFR kits and have approved hundreds of our kits for importation. Please be considerate and patient as TC needs at least 2 weeks to process this information. Calling them repeatedly or sending volumes of email will not get this approval done any faster. Forward documents to:

Transport Canada
Attention: Mr. Patrick Bazinet
Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation
Transport Canada
330 Sparks Street
Tour C, Place de Ville (ASFA)
Ottawa, K1A ON5
Phone: (613) 998-2310
Facsimile: (613) 998-8541

Transport Canada will review your documents and forward to you a letter indicating you are cleared to import these articles. Click here to see a sample of this approval letter. You must have a copy of this approval letter or you will not be allowed to bring these kit parts into the country.

Once approval is received (in the form of this letter), you may make arrangements for the picking-up and/or shipping of your kit. If you are shipping this kit on a commercial carrier and you will not be present at the border, you must arrange a broker. As a Canadian customer, you are the importer of record. That means you have to deal directly with Canadian customs and transport officials. We have established this procedure, with the cooperation of Transport Canada, to help you do this in a simple step-by-step process.

We hope that by publishing these guidelines we will make it easier for our valued customers from Canada to buy and import our parts.

Below are links to order forms for each kit in the proper Canadian configurations, followed by a sample deleted parts list from the Mk4:

Click here to view the Mk4 Roadster order form.

Click here to view the Type 65 Coupe order form.

Click here to view the ’33 Hot Rod order form.

Click here to view the GTM Supercar order form.

Click here to view the 818S order form.

Mk4 Roadster Deleted Parts List*

* The deleted parts list details the vehicle kit parts that are included in the U.S. kits, but deleted from the Canadian kits. These deleted parts involve braking, steering or suspension pieces. This link details these differences and highlights the parts that are not sold by us directly to Canadian customers and must be purchased separately by the individual customer in Canada.


We’ve been working with Jan and Freek Hammink from Holland for about several years. Their company, Hammink Performance, has purchased 25 Factory Fives and assisted European customers with their importations.

Hammink Performance is an official distributor of Factory Five Racing products in Europe, giving European customers an excellent option for assistance with importation of Factory Five kits into Europe. Click here to visit Hammink Performance's website.

Tech Autos Ltd. is one of Factory Five's recommended builders for customers in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. They are know for their excellent customer service, and can manage all of your import and IVA needs.