Front Suspension Base Kit

  • Fully independent front suspension with unequal length upper
    and lower A-arms
  • High-end KONI mono-tube adjustable coil-over rod-end shocks
  • Uses donor Mustang front lower arms, spindles, and brakes

Front Suspension Complete Kit

  • The Factory Five Racing Mk4 complete kit includes the entire front suspension assembly and Ford brakes
  • Includes Ford GT brakes with 11” rotors, twin piston calipers, and stainless steel brake lines, fittings, and fasteners
  • Includes brand-new spindles and tubular control arms

The Mk4 Roadster Kit is delivered ready to accept bolt-on rear suspension components in one of three rear suspension configurations:

  1. Four-Link Rear Suspension
    Our standard 4-link is a great performance street car suspension. It comes with custom anti-squat geometry and is ready to accept Ford Mustang 8.8” solid axle donor rear suspension parts.
  2. Three-Link Rear Suspension
    The upgraded 3-link rear suspension is standard in Mk4 complete kits and all FFR Challenge Series cars. It includes the frame brackets, panhard bar, control arms, KONI mono-tube rod end coil-over shocks (matched to the fronts) and springs. Recognized as a proven and worthy upgrade to the standard Mustang 4-link, this suspension eliminates any bind and provides an amazingly predictable ride at the track or on the street.
  3. Independent Rear Suspension
    Our Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) option is designed for those looking for the most comfort, authenticity, and performance. The IRS can be added to either the base or the complete kit. It includes a welded-in cage, upper and lower tubular control arms, high-end KONI mono-tube rod-end coil-over shocks (matched to the fronts), and custom assembled axles and CV joints.  The IRS option for the Mk4 kit requires the 8.8” center section, rear spindles, and brakes from a 2015 or later Ford Mustang.


The base Mk4 Roadster kit uses the rear-end and brakes from a 1987-2004 Mustang donor car. The Mk4 Roadster complete kit comes with brand-new front brakes including spindles and Ford Mustang GT 11” front rotors with twin piston PBR aluminum calipers. We offer a range of optional Halibrand replica wheels that are affordably priced and in the correct sizes/backspaces to work with our cars.