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818S & 818R - What You Get

Just because Project 818 is all-new doesn’t mean that the chassis kit will differ too much from other Factory Five build-it-yourself kits. This means that the 818 starts with a full tubular steel space-frame chassis and a modern composite body shape. The 818 will include everything that is needed to build your car with the exception of running gear and parts from a 2002-2007 Subaru Impreza or WRX.

Here is an early draft list of what will come standard with the kit. As the year progresses, we will add more details to this parts list. This list is subject to change.

• Frame:
Conventional Factory Five tubular steel space-frame chassis with integrated roll hoop, side-impact protection, crumple zones front and rear, and aluminum chassis panels

• Body:
Complete composite body with the following gel-coat or paint-free composite panels: lower front nose, right and left front quarter panels, hood, right and left doors and door liners, side and rear lower quarter panels, tail section, upper trunk hatch

• Aluminum and Composite Chassis Panels:
Pre-fit inner panels that form the cockpit, floors, rear bulk head, engine bay, and splash guards

• Front Suspension and Steering:
Front upper control arms, spindle adapter brackets, KONI brand coil over shock assembly, fasteners, brake bias adjuster, and brake line adapters. Steering rack mounts and fasteners to use Subaru steering rack and column.

• Rear Suspension:
Multi-link rear suspension includes rear upper lateral link, upper forward link, KONI brand coil over shock kit, fasteners, and adapter brackets. Frame mounts enable use of Subaru links and transmission.

• Fuel System
Fuel tank with adapter kit (requires Subaru fuel pump, lines, and fittings).

• Cooling System
Cooling system adapter kit with radiator hose extensions and fasteners to utilize the Subaru radiator.

• Exterior Trim, Lighting, and Glass:
Kit includes headlights with integral turn signals and running lights, tail lights and license plate light, windshield, and badges.

• Interior Trim:
The 818 is designed to use Subaru interior components such as gauge pod and seating. Kit includes OEM-styled ABS formed interior door panels, seat adapter brackets, OEM-styled ABS formed dash, center console, shifter assembly, and e-brake adapter

• Assembly Manual:
Bound assembly manual will be available in hard copy and in download PDF format.

Click here for a sample 818 packlist.

*NOTE: The 818 prototype is being built and this parts list is subject to change