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GTM Supercar

“The Fastest Car You Will Ever Build in Your Garage.” – Car & Driver Magazine

For more than fifteen years we have been at the forefront of the component car industry with our famous roadsters and coupes. In fact today, if you see an AC replica out on the road, it is most likely a Factory Five. While the satisfaction of that accomplishment is tremendous, we wanted to make our own original design.

The risks of designing our own supercar were huge. Automotive history has many examples of small companies whose reach exceeded their grasp. Companies like Tucker, Bricklin, DeLorean, Vector, and others had great ideas, but lacked the resources to fully execute. So with great care and planning, we designed the GTM over the process of five years.

We designed the GTM as a direct challenge to people like Ferrari dealers, who with manicured fingernails and straight faces charge people a premium to be on a waiting list, to join an exclusive club of unfriendly people who rarely drive their cars. We designed the GTM out of real pride, patriotism, and conceit. We wanted to show the world what we were truly capable of and we wanted to build a car that would kick everyone else’s arse.

In hind sight, I don’t know what I was so worried about. The car has come to symbolize Factory Five’s technological abilities. The car is drop-dead gorgeous and it runs with the very fastest supercars on the planet. Every drive in my GTM is accompanied by camera phones stuck out the window of other cars as I pass. But more than the rock star looks, this car is simply the most thrilling machine I’ve ever driven.

Dave Smith