GTM FAQs & Support

You’re Not Alone! The GTM SuperCar kit is engineered to be built. We have a solid technical support team to help you make it through the process. There is also a HUGE online forum community of Factory Five GTM owners and builders where you can get answers from guys building their cars first hand. Check out The Factory Five Forum.


Here are a few questions we get every day here at Factory Five:

What engine does the car use?

The GTM utilizes the power plant from a C5 Corvette – the LS1 or LS6 (Z06 Corvette).

Can I use a different engine?

To date, we have not built a GTM using a non LS platform engine. However, we have built a GTM using the potent 505 hp LS7 from the C6 ZO6 Corvette. Call or email us for the details on parts and modifications necessary to bolt this Ferrari killer into your GTM!

What type of transmission does the GTM use?

The transmission is a G50 from a 1990-1998 Porsche 911. On average, you can purchase a used/new G50 for between $2,500 – $7,000.

Can I use a different transmission?

In addition to the Porsche transmission, Mendeola Transaxles manufactures a viable alternative.

How fast is the car?

We have tested the car extensively on the track (Jan. ’05 Summit Point raceway), (July 21, 2005), and (Jan 2007 Bondurant) but the tests have been more functionality based than performance based. While the focus of the initial testing sessions were occupational in focus (heat management, visibility, handling, interior noise, etc), we couldn’t resist pushing the prototype close to its limits. At Summit Point we were astounded at the handling, performance and track manners of the car. During this testing, however, we did not record any acceleration or braking data.

At 2,400 lbs ready to drive (without driver), the GTM can achieve a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 11.0 seconds with 450 RWHP. (Tested by Car & Driver, Sept. 2007)

How much does the kit cost?

The price is $24,990 for the kit.

Can I purchase a completed GTM?

We only sell the chassis and body kit parts. However, we do know of a network of small hot rod and custom shops that will inevitably build completed race and street cars for customers. E-mail us for a list of such businesses at

Note: The companies referred to potential customers are separate and independent companies and Factory Five Racing does not warranty their parts nor workmanship.

How much does it cost to build a GTM?

The price of the kit is not as important as the price of the completed vehicle. Our original target was that a guy should be able to build the GTM for less than $50,000. Most customers spend between $35,000 and $50,000 to complete the car including Chevrolet parts, wheels/tires, paint and transaxle.

Does the GTM have roll-up windows?

Yes. The GTM has power GLASS side windows.

Does the GTM use the Corvette chassis?

No. The GTM frame is designed and manufactured by Factory Five Racing. It is a steel tube and aluminum panel construction.

How long does it take to build the car?

The average Factory Five GTM builder spends about 600 hours (estimated) to complete the project.

Will I fit in the car?

We feel the comfort range is for people up to 6’ 3” tall and weighing less than 275 lbs.

Does the GTM have heat and air conditioning?

The A/C system is available as an option. The system was designed by Vintage Air in conjunction with our engineers specifically for use in the GTM.

GTM Intro Video

Get a quick overview of the GTM kit's features and options in this short video from our DVD.

The Factory Five Forum

factory-five-forumJoin the Factory Five Forum!

As part of a major effort to better connect with our customers, suppliers, and vendors, we launched the Factory Five online discussion forum.  Many Factory Five customers are helping with this effort.  The forum has updated blogs, photo galleries, and is a great place to connect with Factory Five vendors and suppliers.

There's a lot of great customer build threads where you can share ideas and tips to help with your build. The Picture of the Month contest is a great way to show off your build and you could win a Factory Five gift certificate!

Factory Five techs are very active on the forum as well to help with any questions and to share their expertise building these cars.

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