GTM Supercar Kit: $24,990

Some Assembly Required. The GTM Supercar kit is engineered to be built as a chassis kit by a car guy at home with regular tools. The GTM kit gives you everything you need to build your car, except for select running gear parts taken from a 1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette. The major Corvette parts include the engine, front and rear control arms, suspension/brakes, and fuel tanks. The only exception is the transaxle, which is a Porsche 911 unit.

Here’s a list of what comes standard in the Factory Five Racing GTM Supercar kit.

What You Get


Computer (Solidworks® CAD) designed, ultra-rigid space frame. Mig-welded in computer designed jigs using precision laser-cut high strength mild-carbon steel.

• Design incorporates low center of gravity, with high strength.
• Surface finish is powder-coated in beautiful gloss black finish
• Integral 6 point roll cage with roof-contoured bars for additional headroom in cockpit
• Safety designed collapsible steering column, side impact bars, footbox steel surround, and front/rear crumple zones
• Steel floor pans and integrated sheeted flat bottom design aides aero/downforce and improves safety
• Welded mount plates “ready-to-bolt-on” for engine, transmission, pedal box, radiator, steering gear, suspension, and shift linkages


Hand laid 3/16” laminate composite body panels made with vinylester resin and black gel coat. Hinged and lined rear hatch, doors, and nose. All parts are trimmed on a Fanuc RPT 7 axis robotic trimming machine.

• Body includes main cockpit and rear section with DOT glass window
• Nose and nose section liner, hinges with mount plates and gas strut hinge supports
• RH, LH doors and door liners and hinges that mount to frame
• Rear molded hatch and liner with DOT glass window, bronze bushing hinges and frame mounts, gas strut supports
• Includes secondary body fasteners assembly
• 1/4” rivnuts, and included rivnut tool
• Aluminum to body rubber seal, push-on trim
• Adhesive backed and foam weatherstrip
• Body fasteners

Chassis Aluminum Panels:

Includes over 80 CNC cut, pre-formed 6061 series aluminum panels for cockpit, trunk, radiator surround, engine bay and nose/splash guards.

• More than 1,200 pre-packaged rivets; 1/8” short and long, 3/16” short and long
• Nose section and front-end aluminum assembly
• Radiator surround aluminum assembly
• Cockpit and footbox aluminum assemblies with block-off plates and patch covers
• Aluminum diffuser strakes
• Aluminum rear bulkhead, access panels and tank covers
• Engine bay aluminum assembly with rear splash guards
• Under-carriage aluminum assembly

Front and Rear Suspension:

High quality KONI brand shocks and coil-over kits complement Corvette upper and lower control arms in front and rear. We include adapter brackets and grade-8 mounting hardware. Rear axle shafts and adaptor kit also included.

• KONI front damper kit (pair), shock (Koni 30-5436), threaded hat/coil-over kit, springs, fasteners and spacers
• Front and rear control arm hardware
• Rear CV components, including CV shafts, inner and outer boot kits, wheel spacers and lugnuts
• Transmission mount

Steering and Shift linkage kit:

High-performance manual steering rack with tie rod end kit, fasteners, bushings and complete shift linkage and adapter kit for either Porsche or Mendeola gear boxes, and shift linkage parts from transmission to shifter rod.
• 15:1 manual rack and pinion steering rack
• Steering rack bushings and sleeves
• GTM adjustable tie-rod end kit
• Steering column adapter plate and rack mounting hardware
• Upper steering shaft, male DD shaft, and universal joints, fasteners
• Steering bearings and hardware
• Steering and shifter linkage kit including 4 linkage shafts, spring pins, U-joints, flanged bearings and fasteners
• Embossed F5R steering wheel with fasteners

Fuel/Brake/Pedal Box Systems:

GTM kit comes with a Wilwood clutch and brake pedal assembly, triple master cylinders, brake lines and fittings. Kit also includes a ton of parts to adapt the brakes and twin fuel tanks from the Corvette to the GTM chassis. Kit includes:

• Wilwood pedal box, brake and clutch
• Master cylinders 3/4” bore
• Light switch and fasteners
• Clutch slave cylinder
• Stainless steel hoses, crush washers, banjo bolts and fasteners
• Aircraft style fuel filler caps (dual sides) with filler necks and hose clamps
• Pre-flared fuel lines, adapters, and mounting brackets
• Braided stainless steel fuel tank cross-over hose with AN fittings and fasteners
• Fuel tanks components, 5/16” and 3/8” hard lines, high pressure hoses, clamps and fasteners
• Pre-flared brake lines, T-adapters, male and female unions, mount brackets

Cooling System/Parts:

The kit parts include everything you need to adapt the GM radiator like mounting hardware, radiator hoses, and all necessary fasteners.
• Stainless steel radiator hose kit
• 1/4” radiator to engine hose
• 1/2” top of overflow to radiator hose
• 3/4” overflow to engine hose
• 5/8” overflow to engine hose
• Fasteners to include insulated clamps, hose adaptors, and hose clamps
• 50” beaded aluminum tube, radiator send, 1.25” diameter
• 50” beaded aluminum tube, radiator return, 1.5” diameter

Misc. Engine Accessories/Exhaust Components:

The GTM kit includes full exhaust system, and a host of misc. parts and assemblies you’ll need to install the Porsche transmission and Corvette engine.

• Intake relocation assembly
• Engine mount components, engine mount spacer, oil temp bypass, oil temp block-off, fasteners
• Air filter components, air filter, hose, hose clamps, and silicone reducer
• Transmission mount, removable frame, powdercoated
• Transmission mount components incl., speed sensor bracket and fasteners
• Full exhaust system minus manifolds for either 1997-2000 OR 2001-2004 engines
• 1997-2000 engine exhaust system OR 2001-2004 engine exhaust system
• GTM H-pipe
• Catalytic converters, LH/RH
• Gaskets and H-pipe hangers and hardware
• Exhaust tips

Misc. Electrical Assembly:

GTM kit parts are included to adapt the Corvette computer (we will re-program it for free). We include a vast array of electrical parts, along with a full chassis wiring harness to make the dreaded electrical work easier to manage.

• 28 circuit chassis wiring harness and wire harness/computer mounting hardware with fasteners
• Cardboard box with return label for computer reprogramming
• Alternator relocation components
• Relocator bracket
• GTM six rib serpentine belt
• Pulley mounts, wheel and fasteners
• Tensioner pulley relocation bracket and fasteners
• Battery hold down kit, ground strap and two lug battery cables (2)
• Insulated line clip hardware and fasteners
• 16 gauge wire: red, blue, black, white, grey
• Relays, sockets, fasteners, wire loom and serrated grommeting

Complete Interior Accessories:

The GTM kit comes with a full interior including, sport seats, carpeting, headliner and roll cage covers, covered interior panels, door panels, engine cover, rear bulkhead, dash assembly and carbon fiber dash face, complete custom Factory Five gauge set, and directional vents for heating and cooling. The covered interior pieces contrast with the carbon fiber gauge pod and functionally elegant layout of the interior. Standard parts include:

• Sport seats, high-back with side bolsters, and hardware, black suede
• Complete dash console, switches and gauges
• Dash center console
• Carbon fiber gauge pod, driver side
• Vinyl covered passenger side dash pod
• Adjustable dash cooling/heating vents
• Fog lights and hazards switches
• Complete custom Factory Five gauge set which includes:
- Speedometer, electronic 200 mph
- Tachometer, 8,000 rpm
- Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-100 psi
- Water Temp Gauge, 100-250 F
- Fuel Gauge
• Adapters, resistors, ring and butt connectors
• Green and Blue dash indicator lights
• Interior rear view mirror, 8”windshield mount
• Shifter handle, titanium shift knob and ring/boot cover
• GTM embossed steering wheel, 330 mm diam. Includes boss kit, and fasteners (listed previously)
• Covered interior engine cover (bulkhead) and fasteners
• Seat belt hardware
• Covered and molded door liners, LH/RH
• Headliner, black, foam-backed
• Interior roll bar padding, front, drivers and passenger sides
• Rear interior window, DOT glass, cockpit to engine bay with gaskets, weatherstrip and tool
• Door sill aluminum cover
• Power window switches
• Door frames, single claw door latches (interior) and weatherstrip
• Interior door handles, linkages and hinges (listed previously)
• Covered interior panels for rear cockpit wall, transmission tunnel, cockpit side walls/footboxes
• Full interior carpet set, black

Exterior Accessories and Lighting:

The stunning exterior lines are complemented by high-end components that finish off a beautiful and functional exterior. GTM kit comes with the following exterior parts and trim items.
• Carbon fiber exterior rear diffuser (downforce generating)
• Headlamp bucket assembly with lexan cover, composite bucket and fasteners
• Halogen headlight units with separate high and low beam lenses and headlight plug kit with terminals and seals
• Fog lights and fog light mount kit with fasteners
• Front turn signals and hardware
• Dual rear red tail-lights stop/tail/turn, with bulbs, pods, and mounting hardware
• License plate bracket (rear) and fasteners
• GTM Badges Assembly includes rear deck lettering, nose badge and GTM tail logo badge
• GTM main body mesh assembly
• Radiator inlet and outlet, perforated screen mesh
• Front brake duct, perforated screen mesh, LH/RH
• Rear brake duct, perforated screen mesh, LH/RH
• Side Intake perforated screen mesh, LH/RH
• Rear hatch cooling vents, perforated screen mesh LH/RH
• Exhaust vent perforated screen mesh, LH/RH
• Rear glass hatch/window, hinged, DOT tempered glass
• Rear hatch fasteners and latch, handle, pins, release cable and mounts
• Rear side qtr windows, DOT glass LH/RH
• Side windows, DOT glass windows
• Door frames, fasteners and window track adhesive
• Windshield wiper assembly parts, reservoir, 22” wiper arm/blade, linkage, tubing, jam nuts and spacers, wheelbox, brackets and fasteners
• Twin flush-mount fuel caps (listed in fuel system)


More than 1,500 top quality zinc plated, chrome and stainless steel USS and SAE fasteners, numbered and packed individually by

GTM Assembly Manual:

Bound assembly manual that is over 600 pages long.

What You Need

The GTM kit gives you everything you need to build your car, except for select running gear parts taken from a late model 1997-2004 Chevrolet C5 Corvette.  You can use parts taken from a donor Corvette, OR you can purchase the required parts new from GM Performance Parts dealers.

Major Parts from 1997-2004 Corvette C5

• Engine, computer and exhaust manifolds
• Front and rear suspension components (minus leaf springs and shocks)
• Front and rear brakes, hubs, calipers and rotors (outer CV joints on rear)
• Fuel tanks and flexible lines uncut
• Radiator with fans and plastic shroud
• Wiring harness with engine, throttle control, and ignition sections
• Wheels and tires

Minor Parts from 1997-2004 Corvette C5

• Tilt steering column and ignition switch
• Flexible brake lines and calipers
• Radiator fill tank
• Wiper motor
• Oxygen sensors (4)
• Exterior door handles, door window mechanisms, and side/rear view mirrors
• Seat belts
• Vehicle speed sensor
• E-brake handle/cables, gas pedal
• Hood latches with cable actuator

Other Parts Needed

• Porsche G50, G50 variant, or Mendeola transmission including clutch disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, inner CV joints and starter
• Paint