289 USRRC Roadster Complete Kit: $21,990

The Factory Five Mk4 289 USRRC Roadster is based on the best-selling Mk4. The differences between the Mk4 427 replica and the 289 replica are subtle, but those changes add up to make the 289 a very unique car.

What You Get

The 289 USRRC Complete kit gives you everything you need to build your car, in one big package. The only things you’ll need are the engine/transmission/rear end, wheels/tires, and a paint job.

When we say everything, we mean it. We include things like hood hinges and a complete custom chassis wiring harness. We also make it easy for you to use the engine of your choice with a variety of available headers and engine/transmission mount assemblies.

Here’s a list of what comes standard in the 289 USRRC Complete Kit.


Complete jig-welded original style 4” round tube frame. Includes all mounts ready to accept small block Ford 289, 302, and 351W engines.

• Includes three point roll bar with forward reaching petty bar, powder coated gloss black
• Chassis powdercoating optional


All-new 289 FIA/USRRC hand laid 3/16” laminate composite body and panels made with vinylester resin.

• Period-correct back-cut driver & passenger doors w/molded door liners & integral steel door frames
• Hood with hood liner, & period-correct integral “smaller” hood scoop
• Trunk with molded trunk liner & mount face for license plate light. Available with FIA bumps or USRRC smooth shape.
• Includes secondary body fasteners.
• Adhesive backed & foam weatherstrip
• C-channel door edge trim & fasteners
• Plastic end caps & body fasteners
• Trunk & engine bay seal, push on rubber bulb seal
• Rubber hood & trunk bumpers
• Includes multi-adjustable door hinges with bronze bushings and fasteners
• Includes adjustable hidden trunk hinge kit, hinge mount plates and fasteners
• Includes hood hinge kit with hydraulic piston supports and fasteners
• Original quick-jack comp bumpers with stainless steel sleeves and fasteners.

Chassis Aluminum Panels:

Includes over 40 laser cut, pre-formed 6061-T6 aluminum panels for cock pit, trunk, and engine bay.

• 1200 pre-packaged rivets. 1/8” & 3/16” short and long
• Complete cockpit aluminum with optional block-off plates and covers
• Engine bay aluminum assembly with aluminum nose sections and splash guards
Complete Front Suspension:
Unequal length a-arm control arms with coil-over shock suspension. Comes complete with all components and fasteners.
• Koni brand high performance mono-tube, rod-end shock absorbers
• Coil-over kit for Koni dampers including spring hat, threaded seat and 500 lb. black powdercoated springs
• Adjustable upper control arms with ball joints and fasteners
• Lower tubular control arms with ball joints and fasteners
Rear Suspension:
• FFR Deluxe 3-Link suspension kit with rear-end brackets, upper link kit, and fasteners, including panhard bar kit with rod-ends & grade 8 fasteners
• Koni brand high performance mono-tube, rod-end shock absorbers
• Coil-over kit for Koni dampers including spring hat, threaded seat and 350 lb. black powdercoated springs
• Factory Five tubular rear lower control arms with polyurethane bushings and fasteners

Brake Kit:

• S/N 95 style spindles with integral upper ball joint mount and fasteners

• Front hubs, fasteners and dust covers
• Front Brakes, Ford Mustang GT 11” front rotors with twin piston PBR aluminum calipers, brake pads & fasteners
• Master cylinders (listed in pedal box assembly), stainless braided brake lines front with mount clips, banjo bolts and brake line mounting fasteners
• Pre-flared 3/16” brake line and brake line T-adapter
• Emergency brake handle, and fasteners

Complete Steering System:

Complete steering system using 15:1 manual rack from tie rod ends and fasteners to vintage steering wheel and badges. Collapsible design.

• 15:1 Manual steering rack with inner and outer tie rod ends and fasteners
• Polyurethane steering rack bushings and fasteners
• Rack shaft adapter 9/16-26 spline
• Nickel plated lower steering shaft (fully welded u-joints)
• Collapsible upper steering shaft, with friction washers
• 14” Vintage wood and aluminum steering wheel with boss and FFR center section & fasteners
• Steering bearings and hardware, including flange bearing, pillow block bearing and fasteners

Complete Fuel System/Parts:

Based on OEM style fuel tank and system, this assembly provides everything from the gas cap to the lines, and is designed to work with carburetors or FI systems.

• OEM style fuel tank with mounting straps and hardware, vents, gaskets, pick-up and fuel level sending unit
• Fuel lines, connectors, and filler neck
• Pre-flared fuel lines (1/4” and 5/16”) with unions, barbs, hose clamps and high press flex lines and fasteners
• Aston LeMans style polished aluminum fuel cap with integral pressure cap, gaskets, ground strap, fuel hose to tank with fasteners
• 3/8” line, fuel filter, and connectors

Complete Cooling System/Parts:

Electric cooling fan and mounting hardware, radiator hoses, and fasteners.

• Electric cooling fan and mounting kit
• Twin-core aluminum radiator with cap and in-line filler neck
• Radiator mount kit and fasteners
• Stainless Steel radiator hose kit incl. adapter kit, fasteners and hose
• Stainless overflow tank with cap, hoses, hose clamps and mounting hardware
• 185 degree thermostat switch & wiring

Engine Accessories/Side Exhaust:

The 289 USRRC Roadster complete kit is configured to accommodate the 289 or 302 engines. Kit comes with alternate drive pulley assembly, oil filter relocate kit, and exhaust assembly to adapt Mustang engine and headers to vintage single tube side exit exhausts.

• Single pipe side exhaust, bare steel with rubber hanger brackets, gaskets and fasteners
• ‘87-’93 straight pipes
• J-Pipe header-to-side exhaust adapter, optional catalytic converter replaces this part.
• Oil filter relocate mount with fittings, hoses, barbs and fasteners
• Spin-on engine block adapter
• Alternate drive pulley, spacer, pulley wheel and fasteners
• SB Performance air filter, conical
• A/C replacement pulley kit and custom length fan belt with fasteners.
• Accelerator cable assembly: Includes the cable, return spring and retainer
• Optional catalytic converters for:
• ‘87-’93 302
• Driveshaft: Select from one of two available driveshafts with fasteners to match the engine/trans of your choice. Select one of the following:
• 28 spline 10.375” driveshaft for T-5 or Tremec 3550
• 31 spline 10.375” driveshaft for Tremec TKO 500 or 600

Gauges, Dash, & Electrical Assembly:

End those wiring harness woes. Integrated harness and electronic gauges are just the start of this massive assembly. Choose either vintage/replica or modern/performance gauges to complement an authentic street style dash. Complete assembly comes with covered aluminum dash, dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights, switches, and horn.

• 289 pre-cut aluminum dashboard with fasteners
• Black vinyl dash cover
• Custom fit chassis wiring harness
• Ignition switch with FFR keys, headlight switch, 3-position turn signal switch, starter solenoid, and horns.
• Red, green, and blue dash indicator lights
• Wiring harness mounting kit and hardware incl. Fuse panel mount
• Insulated line clip hardware & fasteners
• Cable ties, wire loom & flex grommeting
• On/Off switch, horn button, flasher and all connectors
• Battery ground strap
• Battery Mounting Kit: Trunk mount battery hardware, cables and hold-downs with fasteners.
• Speedometer sending unit, fasteners, and speedometer gear
• Complete set of 7 vintage electronic gauges, with connectors, terminals and installation kit. Includes the following gauges:
- Speedometer (programmable)
- Tachometer
- Oil Pressure Gauge
- Water Temperature Gauge
- Fuel Level Gauge
- Voltmeter
- Oil Temperature Gauge

Complete Interior Accessories:

The 289 USRRC Roadster complete kit comes with all the interior accessories you need. Authentic style seats, door latches, toggles, rear view mirror, and more complement the dash and gauges assembly for a full interior that is period correct. Check out this full list of standard parts and assemblies.

• Vintage metal race seats, black vinyl with fasteners
• 5-point Simpson Brand harnesses. 3” wide driver and passenger, frame mounted with fasteners
• Complete cockpit carpet set, black all-weather
• Emergency brake boot, black vinyl
• Authentic interior rear view mirror with fasteners
• Original style door latches, fasteners and leather check straps
• Authentic chromed shifter handle, shift knob, boot, polished ring and fasteners
• Authentic 14” wood and aluminum steering wheel (listed in steering assembly), with polished aluminum boss and center badge

Exterior Accessories and Lighting:

Along with the goodies on the inside of the car, the MK4 complete kit is loaded with the right parts on the outside.

• Authentic Chrome-on-Brass vintage windscreen, tinted with side bars and fasteners. DOT safety glass compliant
• Authentic style three-lock set including T-trunk handle, L-shaped hood handles, matching keys, cam wedges, fasteners, latch pin sleeves and plastic end cap
• Authentic license plate light and bracket with fasteners
• Authentic style 3.5” Aston roller gas cap, polished cast aluminum with adaptor kit and all fasteners
• High quality laser-cut aluminum side louvers
• Ceramic FFR badging nose and tail
• Original style headlamp assemblies, including buckets, halogen headlamps, trim rings, and fasteners
• Original style British front amber turn signals, and rectangular rear tail-lights
• All lighting is DOT approved
• Authentic Raydot style sideview mirror
Complete Pedal Box and Components:
Leaving the Mustang pedal box behind, the complete MK4 kit utilizes the proven Wilwood brand pedal box with fasteners and all the required ancillary parts.
• Wilwood pedal box with adjustable pedals and mounting hardware
• Master cylinders, clutch quadrant, clutch cable, threaded firewall adjuster
• Accelerator pedal, accelerator cable, return spring and ball stud retainer, with fasteners
• Brake line adapters and T-fittings

Oil Filter Relocater/Alternate Drive Pulley Assemblies:

An oil filter relocation kit comes with all hoses and hardware. Other parts to help 302 EFI and Mustang engine users include:

• Oil filter relocation mount with fittings, hoses, barbs and fasteners
• Spin-on engine block adapter
• Alternate drive pulley, spacer, pulley wheel and fasteners
• Air filter, conical
• Fan belt, six rib


Over 1,500 top quality zinc plated, chrome and stainless steel USS and SAE fasteners, numbered and packed individually by assembly.

MK4 Roadster Complete Kit Assembly Manual:

Bound 400+ page assembly manual.

Note: The assembly manual is a great tool to plan your build. Click here to order either a printed or digital copy of the Mk4 Roadster Complete Kit manual.

What You Need

  • Engine/Transmission/Rear End with Rear Brakes
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Paint
  • Battery
  • Fuel pump




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