Mk4 Roadster: The World's Best Selling Component Car


Customer Greg LaPointe tries to break into the 9s with his original Factory Five Mk1 Roadster in 1997.

Better Than It Ever Was. The Factory Five Mk4 Roadster is the world’s best-selling, best-engineered, and best-performing replica of all time.

There is no better way to honor a legacy than to continue it. The Mk4 Roadster is designed to accurately reproduce the looks of the legendary 427 Cobra,* keeping its essence intact, while using modern technology, parts, and materials to improve performance, reliability, and comfort.

More than 20 years have passed since we introduced the first Factory Five Roadster. Back in 1995, kit cars were at opposite ends of the spectrum. There were well-built but expensive replicas on one end, and poorly-built, inexpensive “kit cars” at the other end. This is still mostly true today, except for the cars built by a small group of wing-nuts at a company called Factory Five Racing. The marriage of modern CAD-based engineering and vintage design is a winning combination.

At the heart of this revolution is technology that enables us to deliver a better product at a better price. That technology is applied to our products by race car guys and engineers, not salesmen. Our people love what they do, love the customers they work for, and are an active part of the car building community.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are so successful is that we have consistently delivered on the promise that these cars hold. Your Factory Five Mk4 will be easier to build than you might have thought, better engineered than you realized, and will drive and perform better than you could have imagined. All along the way you’ll meet the best people in the world as you join the amazing group of Factory Five owners.

Our company had humble beginnings in a small garage in Massachusetts in 1995. Since then, Factory Five has literally taken over the component car industry. The Mk4 design has won more show awards, battled for more racing wins, and received more accolades and recognition from the press than any other car in the industry.