Mk4 Challenge Car Kit: $14,990

The Challenge car is a fairly heavily modified roadster kit, designed for wheel-to-wheel professional and amateur racing. The big differences between the competition focused Challenge kit and the roadster kit are listed below, but many of the parts are identical.

The Challenge kit is sold in only one form, namely the base kit. This base kit, however, contains many more parts than the base roadster kit. You can still use some Mustang parts, but not as many as the roadster kit.

What You Get


The Mk4 Roadster frame has been seriously modified to accommodate the addition of the full competition cage. The cage design meets SCCA Open GT requirements for a racecar. The doors are sealed since the cage replaces door hinge mechanisms. Frame is completely jig-welded original style 4” round tube frame. Includes all mounts ready to accept small block Ford engine and Ford running gear.

• Comes in bare steel frame with
optional gloss black powdercoating
• Integral roll cage, legal for multiple sanctioning bodies
• Welded in door bars
• Frame comes set-up for the 3-link suspension


Hand laid 3/16” laminate composite body and panels made with vinylester resin.

• Driver and passenger doors outer skins with no liners
• Hood with molded hood liner
• Trunk with molded trunk liner
• Includes secondary body fasteners assembly
• Rubber hood and trunk bumpers
• Includes competition hood pin set with mount plates and fasteners
• Includes original design quick-jack competition bumpers with stainless steel sleeves and fasteners

Chassis Aluminum Panels:

Includes over 40 CNC cut, pre-formed 6061 series aluminum panels for cockpit, trunk, and engine bay.

• 1,200 pre-packaged rivets; 1/8” short and long, 3/16” short and long
• Complete cockpit aluminum with
optional block-off plates and patch covers
• Engine bay aluminum assembly with aluminum nose sections and splash guards

Front Suspension:

Includes high-quality KONI brand mono-tube, rod-end, coil-over shocks, tubular upper and lower A-arms with ball joints, adapter brackets and all grade-8 mounting hardware. Front
suspension comes ready to use
Mustang 11” front brakes.

• KONI-high performance mono-tube, rod-end shock absorbers
• Fully adjustable upper control arms with ball joints and fasteners
• FFR tubular lower control arms
• Forged FFR spindles
• Bolt-on front adjustable sway bar

Rear Suspension:

Challenge kits are delivered with the FFR 3-link deluxe rear coil-over
suspension package standard. This rear suspension includes all the parts you need to mount your Mustang 8.8” rear solid axle and brakes. Comes with all fasteners and hardware required to install.

• KONI coil-over shocks and coil-over kit with fasteners
• Solid-axle lower control arms with bushings
• 3-link rear frame and panhard bar kit with brackets and fasteners

Brake/Fuel System/Lines:

Challenge kit comes with pre-flared brake and fuel lines, (3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16”) and fasteners to use. Includes polished vintage Aston LeMans flip top gas cap, integral modern fuel pressure cap and adaptor kit. Fuel lines, connectors, filler neck and fasteners

• Brake line mount brackets, fasteners and pre-flared brake lines
• Pre-flared fuel lines (1/4” and 5/16”) with unions, barbs, hose clamps and high press flex lines and fasteners
• Aston LeMans original polished
aluminum fuel cap with integral
pressure cap, gaskets, ground strap and fuel hose to tank with fasteners

Steering Kit:

Steering adapter kit to utilize Mustang steering rack includes upper shaft, pillow blocks, flange bearings, fasteners, lower shaft and u-joints. Features a collapsible column, vintage leather and aluminum steering wheel with aluminum boss, center section and center section badge.
• Lower steering shaft with 1987-1993 rack adapter (3/4”-36 spline)
• Upper steering shaft, spring washer and fasteners
• 14” leather and aluminum steering wheel with boss and ceramic F5R
center section and fasteners
• Steering bearings and hardware, including flange bearing, pillow block bearing and fasteners
• Standard competition bump-steer kit

Cooling System/Parts:

Electric cooling fan and mounting hardware, killer stainless steel cooling hose kits with adapters, and all necessary fasteners.

• Electric cooling fan and mounting kit with connectors
• Radiator mount kit and fasteners
• Stainless steel radiator hose kit
includes adapter kit, fasteners and hose
• 185 degree thermostat switch and wiring

Misc. Engine Accessories/Side Exhaust/Mounts:

• 4-into-1 side exhaust, bare steel with rubber hanger brackets, gaskets and fasteners
• Pair of mustang header-to-side pipe adapter tubes (straight pipes exhaust with O2 sensor bungs)
• Oil filter relocate mount with fittings, hoses, barbs and fasteners
• Spin-on engine block adapter
• Alternate drive pulley, spacer, pulley wheel and fasteners
• SB performance air filter, conical
• A-frame transmission mount frame and hardware
• A/C replacement pulley kit and
custom length fan belt with fasteners
• Accelerator Cable Assembly: includes the cable, return spring and retainer

Electrical and Gauges/Dash Assembly:

Challenge kit parts are included to adapt Mustang wiring harness and EEC IV computer. Kit comes with components to build your car with an authentic original street style dash. Complete assembly comes with covered aluminum dash, dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights, switches, and horn.

• Trunk mounted battery box, cables and hold-downs with fasteners
• Battery ground strap
• Insulated line clip hardware and fasteners
• Cable ties, wire loom and flex
• Mk4 pre-cut original style aluminum dashboard with fasteners
• Padded dash cover, black vinyl with dash buttons and toggles
• Wiring harness mounting hardware kit
• Dash indicators: red, green, blue dash lights
• Complete modern gauge set (listed in interior parts)
• Battery cut-off switch, exterior

Interior Parts:

The kit comes with a full set of modern/performance gauges, pre-cut dash, toggles, horn button, indicator lights, and rear view mirror. Authentic original seats are replaced by a single
aluminum competition seat.

• Aluminum competition driver’s seat with cover
• 5-point Simpson brand 3” wide
competition H-harness set with
fasteners for driver
• Interior rear view mirror with fasteners
• Complete seven gauge, Autometer brand Ultra-light gauge set includes, speedo, tach, oil temp, oil press, water temp, fuel level, and voltmeter
• Authentic chrome shifter handle, shift knob, boot, polished ring and fasteners
• Original style rear view cockpit mounted and side view/flank mounted mirrors
• 14” leather and aluminum steering wheel with polished aluminum boss (listed in steering assembly), and F5R ceramic center badge
• Covered aluminum dash with all dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights

Exterior Accessories and Lighting:

Period correct exterior trim and items complement the vintage racing looks and purpose of this car. Parts include:

• Authentic competition windscreen and fasteners.
• Authentic original 3 lock set including T-trunk handle, L-shaped hood handles, matching keys, cam wedges, fasteners, latch pin sleeves and plastic end cap
• Internal trunk hinges and fasteners
• Polished bullet style side view mirror and fasteners
• Authentic Aston roller gas cap, polished cast aluminum with adaptor kit and all fasteners (listed previously in fuel system).
• Competition hood pins.
• High-quality laser-cut aluminum side louvers.
• Ceramic F5R badging nose and tail
• Original style headlamp assemblies, including buckets, halogen headlamps, trim rings, and fasteners (DOT
• Original style front turn signals, amber and red twin filament rear tail-lights (DOT on all lighting)
• Original style Quick Jack bumpers
• Front competition air dam and fasteners
• FFR Challenge series decals small and large
• Carbon fiber exterior roll cage slot covers with rivets

Pedal Box Components:

Utilizing the Mustang pedal box, we supply you with pedal box adapter kit, fasteners and accelerator cable, pedal capture, return spring and ball stud retainer, with fasteners.

FFR Challenge Series Car Build Manual:

Bound assembly manual that is more than 200 pages long.


More than 1,500 top quality zinc plated, chrome and stainless steel USS and SAE fasteners, numbered and packed individually by assembly.

What You Need

This list assumes you are building a car according to the configuration set forth in the NASA-FFR Challenge Series rules. If you are not planning on racing in the series, you are free to use a much wider assortment of options and running gear.

Major Parts

• Engine with EFI controls, harness, and transmission.
• 8.8” rear end and driveshaft to complement standard FFR 3-link suspension.
• Front and rear brake assemblies, with spindles, hubs, brake rotors/calipers, master cylinder, emergency brake handle and pedal box.
• Radiator
• SCCA- or NASA-approved fuel cell
• Mustang aluminum wheels (or aftermarket/vintage wheels are going to be used).
• Tires that fit rules of the class you’ll be running
• Fuel system (if required)
• Fuel pump
• Paint


• Tow hooks
• Rear brakes
• Radiator
• Pedal assembly
• Wheels (17×9 F/R to be Challenge Series legal)
• Street completion package
• Wilwood brakes
• Mosier rear axle
• Full length headers
• Stainless side exhaust

Note: Not all options are Challenge Series legal. Consult NASA official rules.