The Mk4-R Challenge Car is the competition version of our best selling Mk4 Roadster. The car takes the Mk44 Roadster to a more serious level, and is engineers to be used in wheel-to-wheel road racing, drag racing, and is eligible for NASA's Factory Five Challenge series.

Challenge Cars have left pits and headed for the starting grid literally thousands of times sine the car entered production in 2000. No other replica can even come close to the racing hours and track wins of the FFR Challenge Car design. The Challenge Car is not just completely dominant, it's truly the only real option for serious competition in a replica design.

If you are a person who plans to use your car for more than an occasional open-track day, then this competition chassis was designed for you. Built from the foundation of the proven Mk4 Chassis, the modified Challenge Car chassis meets SCCA GT1 design criteria and is approved for NASA's wheel-to-wheel Factory Five Challenge Series and other race classes.

Challenge Cars have been dominant in competitive race event for 17 years. Ford Performance selected a Challenge Car to serve as one of the 2006 Champ Car "Fast Laps" pace cars. Challenge Cars have earned top spots in national level SCCA and NASA road racing. Our cars are commonly the only race-capable vintage designs at events like the tough 25 Hours of Thunderhill road race and Tire Rack's Ultimate Track Car Challenge.