Challenge Car Overview

Way back in 1998, the editor of Grassroots Motorsport magazine, Tim Suddard, test drove one of our street roadsters for his magazine. After having spent considerable time behind the wheel, Tim mentioned what a fun and exciting open track car it would be. We mentioned that we had won numerous track day competitions like the annual Run & Gun and regional SCCA autocross events. He felt the FFR design could be taken to a higher level, and with a few changes, become an unbeatable race car.

This simple idea, initiated by Tim at Grassroots motorsports magazine, gave birth to a two year effort to design and optimize the roadster as a dedicated race-car. We ended up designing an “every mans” race car. Perfect as a week-end “open track” weapon while at the same time configured for wheel-to-wheel, or one-design spec racing.

By 1999 we had completed design work and began production on the “competition roadster”. In light of the fact the the FFR Challenge Series had started, the car became known as the “Challenge” model.

In July of 2000, Car and Driver Magazines called us up and asked if we would ship out a Challenge car for him to test. The car was on the truck a week later and headed for Ann Arbor. Car & Driver editors tested the prototype Challenge car at the Chrysler proving grounds a few miles from their Ann Arbor offices.

…“We were impressed, the car felt solid… We could push the car confidently and it never threatened to spin… Neutral was the word of the day, sign us up!”

logo-car-and-driver-smallLarry Webster, Car & Driver Magazine

The car performed superbly for Car & Driver, and following that magazine article launch, so began an unrelenting string of race victories in road racing, sprint races, enduros, rallies, dragsracing, and hill climbs that continues today.

Factory Five Challenge cars have invaded tracks across America. Race Proven, Tough, Well Engineered… If you want to race a vintage replica, the FFR Challenge car is not only the right tool for the job, it’s the only one!