Factory Five GTM Race Car Feature

For 22 years, we’ve been racing Factory Fives and we don’t have much company on the track from other replica companies. Most replicas are better off avoiding race days and wheel-to-wheel competition. Not so with Factory Five as we build race-capable cars and prove them every day on the track. Racing definitely improves the breed and our cars are a testament to that.

This month’s ReinCarNation Magazine profiles Team PDG’s awesome GTM which has battled for on-track wins for over a decade!

The Gen 2 GTM body was upgraded a few years ago and Rich with his team has continued to string together wins. In this article, Rich shares 10 race tips for guys thinking about taking their car endurance racing. Check the March 2017 issue of ReinCarNation for more details. Huge congratulations to Rich and his team for continuing to bring home wins!