Factory Five’s Jesper Ingerslev Talks 818 in 367 Addison Avenue Blog

Factory Five Racing’s partnership with Hewlett Packard has been a strong one for many years. We have teamed up with HP during the design process of the ’33 Hot Rod and now our new Project 818 with them supplying the workstations that our engineers use SolidWorks on.

In an article posted on HP’s blog site 367 Addison Avenue, writer Jim Christensen interviews Factory Five’s Director of Engineering Jesper Ingerslev discussing how Factory Five uses HP computers to design and develop our products.

“We use the Z220 mainly for SolidWorks modeling on our new project, the 818,” said Jesper. “Our relationship with HP has been great. They have always recommended great workstations and monitors that match our needs now and in the future.”

You can read the full blog on 367 Addison Avenue’s website by clicking here.