First Official 818S Build School is a Success!

Factory Five Engineer Jesper I. and Tech Support Specialist Jay K. headed over to Howell, MI to attend the first 818S class at the Factory Five-Mott Community College three-day build school. The 818 now joins the Hot Rod and Mk4 Roadster at the school.

Jesper and Jay were there for the Friday and Saturday portions of the class, and all the school instructors – Jim, Scott, Todd, and Charles – were there for the full three days. Seven students attended the inaugural class. 818 classes will be scheduled going forward based on demand and estimated for every other month. Click here for more information or to register for a build school class.

Jay and Jesper were the Factory Five representatives at the inaugural 818S build school.

The 818S is built in the same classroom space as the Mk4 Roadster and ’33 Hot Rod.


Jim and Todd review the 818 chassis (above), and installing the Subaru engine (below).


The Mott College teaching staff have taught more than 2,000 students how to build their own Factory Five.

The 818S at the Build School is unpainted, like this one wearing polished gel-coat.