The Stanley’s Factory Five Mk4 Roadster

Larry Stanley (grandfather), Lee Stanley (father), and Jackson Stanley (son) from DFW, Texas recently completed their Factory Five Racing Mk4 Roadster together. They ordered the complete kit, and a Blueprint 302 engine paired with a Tremec T5 transmission. They would’ve gone bigger, but wanted to build more of a cruiser.

Lee and Jackson attended the Factory Five build school from 1-14-2022 to 1-16-2022, took delivery of their kit 1-29-2022, and immediately began work. Due to supply chain issues, the Stanleys had to take breaks for multiple weeks at a time. Regardless, they were still able to complete their build within a year. They received their engine July 20, 2022 from Blueprint engines, had a rolling chassis August 20, 2022, and got registered January 20, 2023.

Jackson (17) said about the experience as a whole, “we have had such an incredible time building our car and learning about how it works. We love the Factory Five community both online and local. Our relationships as a family have grown significantly, and we’ve done way more together than we ever believed we could accomplish. I have loved every second of building this car, and have been working as a mechanic in local shops ever since we started. Because of Factory Five I hope to be able to build a career as a Mechanical Engineer working with vehicles. We love taking our car out and seeing others’ reactions to it. We strongly recommend that anyone even somewhat curious about building a car attends the build school, which was essential. We would not have been able to finish our car without it. We also recommend that while building, people stay active on the forums.”

Congratulations to the Stanley’s on the completion of their build!


– This is the complete kit with no donor parts

– Engine is a Blueprint 302 paired with a Tremec T5 transmission (would’ve gone bigger but we wanted to build more of a cruiser (and Jackson is 17 and we don’t want him getting too crazy)

– We have the IRS setup with the Ford 8.8″ rear setup

– Interior is relatively basic, except we have the diamond stitch seats, and vintage clusters

– 5-point Simpson Race Harnesses

– We have many small custom mods we have done such as adding in USB ports to charge phones, a hidden kill switch, removable steering wheel, and cup holders.