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XTF FAQs & Support

The process of evaluating whether or not this project is right for you is an important one and there are several places you can go to get accurate, truthful, and current answers to your questions.

You can also call us here at Factory Five at 508-291-3443 and speak to one of our guys in tech support. You can also log onto the internet and query thousands of Factory Five owners about their own builds and discover an entire community of helpful customers on The Factory Five Forum.


Can I use a different donor truck other than a 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab?

At this time, the kit is currently configured to be built with a 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab. 2021 and newer F-150s are not compatible with the XTF, and cannot be used as a donor car. Factory Five MAY produce a version of this kit to support other manufacturers and donor trucks in the future.

Does the donor car need to be 4WD or can I use a 2WD F-150?

The XTF is designed for 4WD 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Super Crew Cab, but a 2WD model could be used as a donor car with modifications.

Can I use a 2-door truck donor car?

No, the XTF is configured to be built using a 4-door F-150 Super Crew Cab donor.

Do we include the donor car in the kit?

No, we do not include the donor car as part of the kit. Customers must source their own donor vehicle.

Is it made for trails and overlanding?

While the extra width of the XTF is most suitable to wide-open terrain, it could be used as a trail truck as long as they are sufficiently wide.

How does the XTF towing capacity compared to the stock F-150 donor?

The towing capacity for the XTF is about 5,000 lbs, mainly due to the difference in suspension for the off-road capabilities of the XTF compared to a standard F-150 street/work truck. You can use the XTF for light towing loads like a trailer and a Mk4 Roadster when using the optional tow package. It is not designed for fifth wheel towing or large loads.

Can I use different drivetrains than what the donor vehicle currently has?

Due to the electronics and interconnectability of all of the donor parts in the F-150 platform, major drivetrain part swap outs are not recommended.