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’33 Hot Rod - What You Get – Stage 2 Package $9,990

Most people purchase our complete ’33 Hot Rod package which costs $19,990. We also sell the car in two stages (that cost $9,990 each). Stage 1 includes the chassis and suspension parts. Stage 2 gives you the body, interior, and trim you need to finish your car.

Here’s what comes with the Stage 2 Hot Rod package:

Hand laid 3/16” laminate composite body and panels made with vinylester resin.
• Driver and Passenger doors with molded door liners
• Hood with hood liner
• Trunk with molded trunk liner
• Includes secondary body fasteners assembly.
• Adhesive backed and foam weatherstrip
• Door edge trim and fasteners
• Trunk push on rubber bulb seal
• Rubber hood bumpers
• Includes multi-adjustable door hinges with bronze bushings w/fasteners
• Includes hidden trunk hinge kit, hinge support plates and fasteners
• Includes hood hinge kit with supports and fasteners.

Complete Interior Accessories:
The ’33 Hot Rod kit comes with all the interior accessories you need. Bucket seats, door latches, rear view mirrors, and more complement the dash and gauges assembly for a full interior. Check out this full list of standard parts and assemblies.
• Bucket metal framed seats, black vinyl w/fasteners
• 5-point Simpson brand harnesses. 3” wide driver and passenger, frame mounted w/fasteners
• Complete cockpit carpet set, black all-weather
• Emergency brake boot, black vinyl
• Interior rear view mirror w/fasteners
• 6-gauge electronic Autometer Platinum gauges (see description below in gauge assembly)
• Interior door latches and fasteners
• Shifter boot and fasteners
• Banjo style steering wheel (listed in steering assembly), w/polished aluminum boss and center badge.

Gauges, Dash, and Electrical Assembly:
Complete assembly comes dash buttons, toggles and indicator lights, switches, and horn.
• Custom fit chassis wiring harness
• Ignition switch and F5R key, headlight switch, Hi-Low beam switch, starter solenoid and horn button.
• Dash indicators: Green, Blue dash lights
• Wiring harness mounting kit and hardware including Fuse panel mount
• Insulated line clip hardware and fasteners with cable ties
• Battery ground strap
• Speedometer sending unit, pigtail, fasteners and 3.55 speedometer gear
• A complete set of 6 Autometer Platinum electronic gauges, w/connectors, terminals and installation kit. Includes the following gauges:
– Speedometer
– Tachometer
– Oil Pressure Gauge
– Water Temperature Gauge
– Fuel Level Gauge
– Voltmeter

Exterior Accessories and Lighting:
Along with the goodies on the inside of the car, the ’33 Hot Rod kit is loaded with the right exterior parts and trim on the outside.
• Aluminum ’33 Ford front grill
• Aluminum windscreen, tinted with fasteners. DOT safety glass compliant
• License plate light and bracket with fasteners
• Ceramic F5R badging nose and tail
• Headlamp assemblies, including chrome buckets, halogen headlamps, with integral turn signal, and fasteners (DOT approved).
• Red rear LED tail-lights