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MK4 Roadster

The World’s Best Selling Replica

More than 15 years have passed since my brother and I launched the first Factory Five. Back in 1995, kit cars were at opposite ends of the spectrum. There were well-built but expensive replicas on one end, and poorly built, inexpensive “kit cars” at the other end. This is still mostly true today, except for a hot little replica made by a small group of wing-nuts at a company called Factory Five Racing.

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At the heart of this revolution is technology that enables us to deliver a better product at a better price. That technology is applied to our products by race car guys and engineers, not salesmen. People who love what they do, who love the customers they work for, and who are an active part of the car building community.

The design had humble beginnings in a small shop in Massachusetts in 1995. Since then, the Factory Five Roadster has literally taken over the replica industry. Our cars have won more car show awards, battled for more racing wins, and received more accolades and recognition from the press than any other company in the history of the industry. More importantly, Factory Five owners have become a true community… the largest, most loyal, and most helpful customer group anywhere.

Perhaps the biggest reason we are so dominant is that for more than 15 years, we have consistently delivered on the promise that these cars hold. The result of your decision to go with Factory Five will be that the car you get will be easier to build than you thought, better engineered than you knew, and will drive and perform better than you could ever have dreamed. All along the way you’ll meet the best people in the world as you join the Factory Five Racing Owners Group.

If you trust us with your lifelong dream, we will make sure that the reality lives up to your expectations. Thousands of people have trusted us with this job and we haven’t let a single one of them down… and we won’t let you down.

Dave Smith