780 HP, 9250 RPM, Insane FFR ‘33 Race Rod/Magazine Cover Car!

Hold on to your hat folks! New Zealand native Robin MacDonald has built a monster ’33 Hot Rod.

Robin’s roots in hot rodding run deep, and when he met with our guys at SEMA a few years ago, our new ’33 was exactly what he was looking for…

“A hot rod which handled, braked, could go around corners at a good pace, and came as a complete kit set with all components available from one supplier! That was a pretty tall order but the conversation quickly turned to Factory Five Racing.”

The end result of Robin’s craftsmanship is a Factory Five ’33 with some very hi-po hardware starting with the pro-built Ford Motorsports 358 ci Windsor making approximately 780 HP at 9250 RPM topped with a NASCAR 735 cfm Barry Grant double pumper carb. The gearbox is a 6-speed Magnum T-56 with 5th and 6th overdrives which makes sense when you consider the 9″ Curry rear end has 4.88 gears! Wilwood brakes and Boyd Custom wheels round out the package.

To meet New Zealand driving requirements, Robin converted the car to right-hand-drive. Steve Phillips from New Zealand based Autofab handled the chassis work and several performance modifications including mounting the dry sump in the chassis.

Robin’s Factory Five ’33 is on the July 2012 cover of New Zealand’s Hot Rod Magazine. You can read the full articke on Hot Rod New Zealand’s website by clicking here.