Customer Dan Q. Graduates his Hot Rod Build

“My kit was delivered on May 29, 2023 and I am about 99.5% done right now,” wrote Dan. “It has been a blast building this car! I have completed everything myself, including body and paint, along with a few custom touches like the engine-turned firewall, dashboard, and door interior trim panels. I also made a modified transmission top panel to fit my shifter better, added a cell phone charger/USB port, and made a convenient console between the seats.”

“Last night I drove it for the first time now that I have insurance and have MN registration papers. I am amazed how well it drives! It drives so nice with one hand resting on the wheel and goes straight down the road, turns nice, and stops well considering it has manual brakes.”

I sum it up simply as ‘It can get you in trouble if you let it, but it will be a gentleman if you drive it with respect.‘”

“Overall, I am 110% pleased with the results, and that all began with a well engineered chassis and suspension. Dave was right when he said most hot rods go fast, look great, or drive well, but not all three — Factory Five does all three. Say THANKS to the Factory Five crew from me!”

Dan built his Factory Five Hot Rod with a LS engine, automatic transmission, rear exit exhaust, 4-link rear suspension, chrome tilt steering column, Platinum gauge set, and full fenders.

Congratulations on graduating your ’33 Hot Rod build Dan!