Factory Five Customer Chris M. Rocks His 818S in Rhode Island

Thanks to the efforts of SEMA, almost every state in the United States has easy and clear guidelines for the registration, inspection, and titling of custom cars, usually referred to as specialty constructed vehicles.  This includes hot rods, Cobra replicas, and customs like our Factory Five 818.

I live in Rhode Island, and a month ago I went through the Rhode Island registration procedure with my ’33 Hot Rod.  Tom Gallagher at Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles Inspection Division was super helpful, and the process took about half day total.  While I was there, Tom mentioned that he had just finished and approving another Factory Five, customer Chris M. and his 818S.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Chris with pictures of his car!  Chris will have his 818 at our Winter Open House on February 14th, 2015, and I thought I would share some of his pictures and specs.


From Chris:

“The car was built with a 2002 WRX donor car with all rebuilt parts, 2004 fully built JDM STi EJ207 engine with Blouch 1.5 dominator twin scroll turbo with 350 plus rwhp.  I also used VCP air-to-water intercooler and Cusco limited slip differential.  It is painted bright white with black interior and accents with Bremmer Kraft BR 10 wheels, 18″ x 9″ rear and 17″ x 8″ front.

Jim K’s lending me his car trailer to tow my ride up and I will drive it in if it’s not a snowstorm weekend. Valentine’s Day is actually my birthday so I am committed to doing what I love on my day.

I did a base map dyno @ 15 psi (wastegate psi) and made 290 rwhp/ 275 rwtorque. Than we put a Cobb ebcs on and turned it up to 19 and made 354 rwhp and 302rwtorque. I have to go again so we can scale the mass air flow and fine tune it even further, but then I will save the run and post for bragging rights. It’s so fast I am scared as $#!^ of it (LOL), just how I like it.” – Chris M.








Nice job, Chris!  See you on February 14th.

Dave Smith