Factory Five Customer Ed Konda’s GTM Featured on AutoGo.Ca

Factory Five customer Ed Konda and his GTM Supercar are featured in an article for Canadian car website AutoGo.ca.  Journalist Nauman Farooq visited Ed at his Ontario Kit Car Consultants office to check out his GTM and take it out for a quick test drive.


Nauman wrote, “The GTM is a visual delight, carrying all the signature supercar traits of a low and wide body that sits mere inches off the ground.

It also has the performance to back up those looks. Being a kit car, you can slot just about any drivetrain in this shell – with some modifications. The red example I drove had the most ideal powerplant, a 6.7L V8 crate engine from General Motors, which then got tuned by Katech Racing, so now it produces 550 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque.

When you factor in its curb weight of just 1,180 kg (that’s less than what a Nissan cube weighs), you can get some idea that this will be a quick car. While no exact performance numbers are available, it is fair to say it can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in under four seconds, and top out at just over 300 km/h – not bad at all for a car built in a shed.”


Click here to read the full article on AutoGo.ca.