Factory Five Customer Robert W.’s Mk2 Roadster is a Calendar Car!

Factory Fives customers continue to become calendar stars!  Customer Robert W. from Royal Oak, MI saw our post on Factory Five customer Mike Wilkinson’s green Factory Five Mk3 Roadster being featured in Snap-On’s 2015 calendar and sent us an e-mail to let us know that his Mk2 Roadster is in the Shimmy Shack’s calendar.  The Shimmy Shack is a local eatery in Michigan, and Robert’s Roadster was photographed for the month of May.


Robert purchased this Mk2 Roadster last summer and the only thing that can keep him from driving the car is the winter weather.  The car was completed in 2003 and features a warmed-over 302 and T5Z transmission. Robert has been doing a fair amount of work on the car since he purchased it to make his own personal touches to the car.


This Mk2 Roadster was also recently featured in a Winding Roads test video.

Congratulations Robert!  Thanks for sharing the photos and video of your Roadster!