Factory Five Family: Ayala Edition

Sunset Proposal in the FFR MkIII Video

Six years ago customer Jon Ayala planned a surprise proposal to his now wife, Elisa at the end of a sunset drive in a Factory Five MkIII Roadster. The couple pulled up to a finish line setup surrounded by friends and family.

Jon says “it was right at sunset so she couldn’t see everyone right away and know what was going on. She was quite surprised.” The whole proposal was filmed and is linked here.

Jon and Elisa welcomed a new member to their Factory Five family upon the birth of their son, Bear. Unsurprisingly, Bear has already started taking a liking to the car.

In regards to his unpainted car, Jon says “…everyone knows it as this unfinished, raw car and I really like being able to let kids and whoever around the car and not worry about immaculate paint (for now).”

Keep making the miles count Jon, Elisa and Bear!

Jon, Elisa, Bear and their FFR MkIII Roadster