Factory Five Thanks Sgt. John Haselroth & US Military

I am proud that Factory Five Racing has always supported the United States Military.  From the earliest days, post 9/11, when our office manager Kerri Kuehne’s husband Brian was deployed to Afghanistan and the crew here picked up the slack while Kerri worked part time (with full time pay) taking care of her family.  Later, our own Seth Johnson and Joe Dougherty served tours in Iraq.  All the while customers have sent us flags that have been flown in the theater of combat and we have proudly displayed them here at Factory Five to express our gratitude.

Most recently, Sgt John Haselroth sent me a flag that was flown in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in a Bell AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopter during a combat sortie.  John’s letter is very meaningful and he mentioned some of his buddies who we’ve gotten to know.

Thanks John for the your service and that of all American Armed Forces.  The crew here at Factory Five and all customers who visit are constantly reminded of our debt with the patriotic display of your flag and others we’ve been fortunate to have been given.

Dave Smith