François G. Graduates his Type 65 Coupe

Congratulations to François G. from Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada on graduating your Factory Five Type 65 Coupe.

Francois tells his build story and shares details on his gorgeous car below.

“Being a CPA by trade, I own a company with my family based in Quebec City. In 2017 my good friend Jeff wrote me to look up FFR —it was love at first sight. We made a road trip to Wareham and were greeted by Dan Golub.

Then we attended the build school in 2018. I ordered my kit and went to pick it up in May 2019. I worked on and off when I could.

Then Covid arrived. Well, guess what I did? I worked on the car. It saved me from going nuts!

On February 2021 I sent the car to a paint shop where a TV series was filmed, Gas Monkey style. Unfortunately, Covid hit hard at that shop, and the car stayed there until the next winter.

My friend Jeff helped me along the way. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us after a ski accident on December 31, 2021.

My wife and I are inviting his wife to our home this spring, and will fix a commemorative plate to the car in memory of Jeff.

The car is equipped with a 347 f.i. from Blue Print Engines. I ordered many parts from Ryan Valin here in Canada, who is a very nice person to deal with.

The Paint is Viking (or Princess) blue with white stripes. All the parts are new. Homologation for street use was difficult since the SAAQ (local DMV) is not inclined to see kit cars on the province roads, but it is registered now!

So this is my story in a nutshell!”