Kit Pick-ups and Shipments to Near and Far

Wednesday was a day full of kit pick-ups and shipments here at Factory Five as five new projects left the building.  The list included three Mk4s and two 818s.


The first kit pick-up of the day was Chris M. from Rhode Island.  He’s had his Subaru donor parts prepped and waiting in his garage, and he was eager to get started building his 818S.  Chris has also been preparing donor parts for fellow Factory Five customer Jim K. who provided the truck and trailer and was on hand for the pick-up.


The next pick-up was customer Ed J. from New York.  Ed is building his Mk4 Roadster with a small block Ford, 3-link rear suspension, and the FFR 17″ Halibrand Style Wheels.


Two crated Mk4s went out as well, bound for Canadian builders!  That leaves one more crate in the warehouse with a ’33 Hot Rod soon to leave for Turkey.


The last pick-up of the day was an 818S for the guys at AJW Performance in New Hampshire.


Andrew and his team offer Subaru donor packages for the latest Factory Five model, and have been swamped with requests for parts.

Safe travels, everyone!