Launch into your day like Phil!

Launch into your weekend like Phil! Phil Ferkey’s Roadster logs a solid 60’ time at 1.52 seconds. 

From Phil about his car “It’s equipped with a naturally aspirated 521 big block Ford and a face-plated TKO600 transmission built by liberty gears near Detroit Michigan. Out back is a Moser Fab9  9″ housing with a custom 3rd link arm my wife designed for the 9″ housing. Engine is equipped with a Holley HP EFI system that was piggy backed by a AEM system to balance each cylinder (9 wide-band O2 sensors were used to accomplish this) during tuning.

Despite the large cubic inch displacement this combination yields 15mpg on the highway and averages close to 10mpg in the city. Simplistic hydraulic roller camshaft around .595 lift with a decent advertised 302° duration gives it a nice thump. Cooling is handled with a very small dual pass radiator for a Fox body mustang and a Moroso electric water pump. Even long hot cruises don’t effect this simple setup. Gearing out back is 3.25:1 using a Yukon aluminum 3rd member and 35 spline Detroit Trutrac (smooth as butter).

This is a “grudge” built street car but is equipped with GPS so the haters can’t call it a race car (lol). It is equipped with a nitrous fogger system but had yet to be turned on.  I powder coated the chassis myself back before I had my own business and my wife and I had access to laser tables, CNC machines and large booths.”

(Photographer: Mike Heffner)